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X-Orcizt a.k.a. Dogg Coliony:Sic Uv Diz
« on: January 11, 2002, 01:54:01 PM »
im tyerd uv jayz runnin hiz mouth. neva givin da south credit. hiz anceztorz swrated in georgia. hiz rhymez get mo' boara than ja rule. they got sumpthin n common they both foolz. memphiz bleek got sperm & drool cummin from hiz mouth git it cummin frum hiz mouth. ima tell u whut diz song iz about. fake rappaz wit big snoutz. i seen beanie seagalz mom and she lookin like a cow. caddilac tah aint even from a city or town. hez frum sa country. but i would like 2 get sum pussy frum vita. B.E.T tell miz cita to shut up. and i dont give a fucc if they play thiz song or not. thiz iz juz a short song. tellin whutz wrong wit rap 2day 4 instance murda ink & lil' bow wow. they need 2 die 4 lack uv skillz. now ima put da drill 2 amil. fabo iz cool but fucc th8 fool whu did b-cuz i got high. he prolly an alone tranzsextite. rkelly u think u can fight. ill get mi dogg 2 take a bite out uv u. keith murray uzed 2 b da du-du. and diddy smellz like puh. whu knew a 21 year old fool could diz people and he dont even know em know ima show bin ladin 2 mi steel b-cuz im givin it up 4 da real.  
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