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Re: CNN: Obama picks Biden for VP
« Reply #15 on: August 24, 2008, 10:54:41 PM »
This is what happens when the educated argue with the uneducated (you).

You gotta be one stupid motherfucca. Why the fucc do you think Iraq was cited by the IAEA and sanctioned by tha UN Security Council for violating its NPT safeguards obligations???. If the muthafucca wasn't a threat then the nigga would co-operate. You can read right?. Do you know how many times Saddam Hussein didn't allow weapons inspectors into his facilities??. And it's very easy to dismantle chemical weapons and you don't even need a lot of them to make some severe destruction.

Let's take a simple analogy, using your simple logic. The police knock on your door looking for drugs, you say you don't have any, so they look around for a few hours. You tell them again that their wasting their time. They keep looking for another hour then you kick them out. By your logic, you should be busted and accused for possessing drugs they couldn't find. Saddam cooperated for months. And the weapon inspectors said they needed more time because they couldn't find what didn't exist. Wouldn't you get a little annoyed? Wouldn't you get annoyed that countries with WMD's, were wasting your time looking for WMD's your country isn't allowed to have? So if the weapons inspectors said they couldn't find weapons, and the UN which pays those inspectors said theirs no evidence of weapons, HOW DID THE US GET ALL THIS FALSE INFORMATION? They made it up.

It's the same fucking thing with Iran. Iran wants nuclear power, and the US doesn't want them too. Why's the US allowed to have nuclear power, but not Iran. Because Iran might make a weapon? JUST like the thousands of weapons the US has in bunkers all across the country? Like the US putting a weapon system in poland. If Russia put a missile system in Cuba, the US would freak the fuck out. The American government is so hypocritical, it's astounding.

Are you a Chemist, or an Engineer? How the hell do you get rid of thousands of barrels of anthrax? Or serin gas, that Bush said they had? Release it into the fucking atmosphere? I'm a chemist and I can't fathom a way of hiding all the chemicals Bush said they had. And if they did hide them, or whatever, how come theirs no trace evidence, or any evidence of all of these weapons existing? Do you even have any idea of what your talking about? Have you been formally educated in dismantling chemical weapons? And if Saddam had them, why the fuck would he dismantle them right before the US invaded? Why wouldn't he use them, if he HAD THEM. BECAUSE they never existed. The reason to invade was Iraq currently has stock piles of weapons. It doesn't matter if they had them in the past, every country had them in the past. The fact is, if these stock piles existed, Saddam would've used them if the US invaded, and if they existed, their would be evidence. But their is none. Theirs no evidence. Evidence. Without it, your opinion is meaningless.

You just revealed your low IQ with this one..hahaha..seriously cuzz..are you for real??. Let me believe in UFOs too?? hahahaha. Who fucced you in the ass as a child?

It's true though, why do you think Americans live so great, and Africans so poor? Limited resources, too many people. Simple as that. The planet can't support 6 billion people at a decent standard of living. I can't begin to express your lack of knowledge, go to a community college or something.

What did Obama say when he was asked about his pro abortion beliefs. I believe the question was 'at what point does a baby get human rights?' and he said 'that answer is above my pay grade' hahahaha. You see this nigga is so scripted he has no fuccin idea what to do or say when it comes down to the nitty gritty.

It was scripted, but who's he to answer that? Look at McCain, "at conception". McCain appeals to stupid people, because he gives concrete stupid answers. Which people like you can relate too. When does life begin? Who the fuck is anyone to define that. The nitty gritty? You mean the issues that don't matter? What does abortion matter? The US would be a laughing stock of the world if it disallowed abortion. It's not even an issue. It was a fucking pastor asking religious based questions. Evil, abortion. It's all meaningless. Economy, health care, education, foriegn policy, immigration. Anything other then that, should be ignored. It was a stupid question asked by a christian fundamentalist moron.

5 good reasons???. Opposing the surge WAS bad judgment..that's one!. If Saddam hadn't been thrown out the nigga would be nuclear armed as we speak cuzz. Don't even get me started on that shit haha. As for off shore the fucc can that be a bad thing??. There is some major shortage of oil in this world and it's getting divided in a fucced up way. Are you an enviormentalist? did you join green peace?. Who the fucc are you cuzz. Obama's little sweet heart deal with Tony Rezko?...that's two. Staying with a racist church for 20 years..that's three. Piccin Joe Bidena as VP...thats four...and using the race card --that's five!. And then we got all the stupid shit he has said. Want me to quote the nigga??

Grad your dictionary, because you're going to have some reading to do. Bad judgment is making a decision, which turns out to be a bad one. That's judgment. Obama picking Biden would only be bad judgment, if he lost the election. Saddam with nuclear weapons? Even though the weapons inspectors said he was 20 years at least away from making a nuke? Do you know anything about the issue? Canada can't even make a nuke, and we got some of the safest and best reactors in the world. Where is the fucking evidence you fool? You can't just say shit for no reason, or because you think it's possible. What you think, and what is fact, are very different things. A racist church? Aren't you black? Did you think what his pastor said was racist? Did you even hear what he said? Have you been to other black churches? Maybe their all like that? The race card? How's that bad judgment? If he loses because of it, it will be. And many Americans are racist, why can't he joke about his race? The race card? It's a fact he's less electable, people are still racist, it's a fact. And what's this washington machine deal? Biden is part of the machine? McCain's been their for 30 years, he is the definition of the washington machine.

Here's some free education, off-shore drilling won't solve shit. America, per person uses more oil, then any other country, per person (except Canada). The US wastes oil, it uses it for pointless reasons, it's not economical, and it's not renewable. How is drilling for something that will take 5 years to drill, build and pump oil, last only 20 years, going to lower the price of gas? You think you'll just drill a few wells, and bang, free oil to supply the whole US for another 100 years. No buddy. Short term, long term, oil is running out, it's harder to get, and it'll never get all that cheaper. Natural gas, wind, solar, hydrogen is the future, it's a simple fact. Drilling for more oil won't solve anything. Look at Brazil, energy independent for the last 30 years. You think they did it by drilling for more oil? It's so freaking ignorant, I can't begin to tell you how stupid it is. Just because people like Gore are smarter then you, doesn't mean you can't agree with them. Just because they know and understand more complex issues then you, doesn't make them wrong. If you knew anything about what they were talking about, you wouldn't be such an ignorant fool.
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Re: CNN: Obama picks Biden for VP
« Reply #16 on: August 24, 2008, 11:56:31 PM »
Hilary got PWN3D!!!


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Re: CNN: Obama picks Biden for VP
« Reply #17 on: August 25, 2008, 07:46:44 AM »
Good pick, would've liked Bill Richardson more though. If Obama dies in office, Richardson will open the borders!

good picc?? isnt he part of the washington machine??..the very machine obama has been trying to distance himself from. And didn't he vote for the Iraq war?? and didn't he once say he'd be proud to serve as VP for John McCain???. That's three yesses cuzz. This picc absolutely makes no fuccin sense and Obama is not only contradicting himself for the sixth thousand time but he's makin himself look like he laccs some major judgment.

Obama wants to look like the rest of them, but apparently he has some sort of underlying radical motives as soon as he touches office.

Yeah right it can't just be that he's just another successful guy out to gain more power n shit. He must be equipped and willing to transform the world into a better place, him not being caucasian is easily enough evidence to back that claim up.

Actually smart ass, he has ties to several so called "lefty" organizations such as A.C.O.R.N. and various other organizations that show Obama has quite a nice lefty backing which I am all for. The thing is though, his affiliation with them could be only to get more votes which I don't support. Read before you start thinking I am some racist asshole. Educate yourself.

Of course he has lefty backing, who else would have it? McCain? Does he want the backing from those idiots? Of course he does, it's election time. Underlying radical motives my ass. Ask virtuoso about his ties to some not-so-lefty organizations. Should be fun!
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Re: CNN: Obama picks Biden for VP
« Reply #18 on: August 25, 2008, 02:37:25 PM »
And don't compare McCain's and Obama's judgment. McCain is an old senile man, while Obama is at least an intellectual.

It's time to back that one up with at least three intellectual quotes from Mr. Obama.


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Re: CNN: Obama picks Biden for VP
« Reply #19 on: August 25, 2008, 02:44:29 PM »

I don't mind Obama, but when I see Biden's name from now on I will yell HOBAMA!