Author Topic: what race do you hate/not like/and why?  (Read 478 times)


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Re: what race do you hate/not like/and why?
« Reply #30 on: August 27, 2008, 10:23:29 AM »
I don't hate a race. I hate the fact that a majority of Americans are blind to partisan politics and bullshit.

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Re: what race do you hate/not like/and why?
« Reply #31 on: August 27, 2008, 10:50:34 PM »
i dont' hate one particular race more than others....pretty much like tech did i can go on and on about everyone including my own.

i'm cool with everyone and i hate everyone as well

white people- from top to bottom you got your really stuck up rich fucks who're scared of everything and feel they need to be served on while walking on rose pedals, then you have the low class traylor park fucks. i'm really only down with the middle class white people.....well mostly i also hate that whole fucking tapout/lifted truck/no fear/bent brim of the hat BRO culture......god it's annoying. in general i just hate how corny white people are.

black people niggers- i crossed out black people, cus i'm cool with black people, but like Parlaiment siad they're an endangered species because thanks to lil wayne, BET, and white guilt it's "cool" to be ia bunch of clown ass dressed, their friend is 2 inches away from them but they talk loud enough that you can hear em 2 miles away, ignorant as fuck, NIGGERS. Martin Luther King  and Malcom X would've moved away if they saw their people acting likes this. but what really irritates me are those fucks who sit at home living off the of MY tax dollars and they get all sorts of free health perks and section 8 bullshit while sleeping in til 12 in the afternoon watching price is right while i'm working my ass off to make an honest living trying 'compete' with that lifestyle. fuck that shit.

asian people- i hate how most middle aged asian ladies ask you how much something is 20 million times when there's a tag that says it's 9 bucks, there's a sign that says it's 9 bucks, the scanner gun that I scanned it with says it's 9 bucks, and the cash register says it's 9. but somehow......SOMEHOW they find it in them to ask "are you sure it's that price?"
then i hate their robotic nature at times
i also hate the aisan youth, they always seem like they're the one's that are ALWAYS trying to proove something......i always get asian kids who say to me when  i pull up next to them in my mustang " oh yeah well i got a quadruple turbo with 18 cams and blah blah blah blah blah in miiiiiine" or they always have to out do you in every conversation....fuck i those kids

middle eastern people- god damn.............what the fuck, it's called soap. period.

hispanic people---- first and foremost i'll start with my own people, mexicans. i can't stand it when muther fuckers come over here from mexico work 12 jobs and send ALLLLLLLLL their money to their fat tios and abuelos who're living the high life in some ranch, while home boy or home girl who's working is living in someone's teepee with 12 other wet backs in the back yard. i feel sorry to an extent, but i mean if you're fuckin' smart enough to fuckin'live through jumpin the border , don't be so naive as to break your back for some fat fuck in another country. stupid idiots

then i hate these cholo fools who act all hard and shit wit their socks pulled up to their knees, like they're some kind of aztec worrior god.....yet they fuckin' live at home with mama. you see them all the time at wal mart.....27 years old still living with moms....shit she's probably the one buyin dude the fuckin' socks and shit.

then you got these puerto rican fucks who think they're superior to mexicans for whatever reason .....i'm sorry but half of y'all look like a dolphin had sex with your face .  your food is second rate compared to ours, your women are 3rd rate compared to ours and you're all fat hairy and look like a dirty cookie monster doll . the fuck you so proud about??

the only people i absolutely have no quib with are

A) indians (native americans)
B) half breeds

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