Author Topic: I got some equipment, now what?  (Read 193 times)


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I got some equipment, now what?
« on: December 15, 2001, 01:19:48 PM »
I got some equipment from a friend, he sold it to me. got a 4 track recorder, a sampler and a drum machine, now what I'm trippin on, is how do i start or get it str8 n make a beat?, he said its the basic shit to get sumthin started. i was tryin out a lil n sampled some sounds from a cd onto the sampler, but im kinda stuck. the drum machine is kinda cool cuz it gots a lotta sutff but it aint helpful in gettin a beat, cuz its all snares, claps n drums etc. but how do i make the sound inbetween the bass n stuff? like recordin? i was rappin on some instrumentals on the 4-track to check out my voice n that was the only shit what was workin or wasnt too hard to get right away. maybe yall could help me, I've beem tryin every button n function but its a lil difficult.

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Re: I got some equipment, now what?
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2002, 02:07:27 PM »
Take some time to get to know your gear.
If you're new to this, start with the drum machine. Beats are the foundation of hip hop. Learn to build patterns with the kick-drum, snare, hi-hats etc.
Put some time in, and it will pay off. Check out;

Have fun.....
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