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Need Help,  advice would be great
« on: December 08, 2001, 11:49:17 AM »
Hey, first off im actually a rapper....well kinda stupid to say that but i like to make audios and im really now gettin more and more interested and wanna persure it further...
i was searchin for beats and didnt really find any i i remembered i had like my ancient shitty hip hop ejay i bought when i was 14.....i put together this beat...and showed some1 said it was actually pretty good....very impressive considering it was my first shot at makin beats...
im basically a complete novice and i wanna learn more there any software i can download?  imma try and search for some around the city and buy.....i aint even got a job so i cant spend alot say i wanna do is produce my own audios and do some for my group...
this may sounds sad/pathetic but id really appreciate it if any1 could help me
could i download a full version of say  fruity loops or whatever?

if any would help id be very grateful
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