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Spittin' with my nigga Keaf..
« on: October 03, 2002, 05:34:03 AM »
Nasty Nem

*Verse 1*
You know what it is, I was Born to Pimp
I’m so good I make the Porn Stars Limp
I don’t care if you’re Black, White, Latina or Asian
I’ll still send you home with that feel-good sensation
I can give what you what your man wishes he can
Too bad that sucka’s a One minute man
I’ll toss you up, I’ll turn you out
So in return you can put my balls in yo mouth
Don’t get me wrong, I like you gurl
When we’re in bed you rock my world
But don’t get it twisted it aint no relationship
My nigga KeAf said “Never love a bitch”
When  yo gurl aint home she’s with me
She sucks a dick like you ever did see
So when she comes home you gonna flip
Cuz you be kissing my dick when yo kiss her lip


*Verse 2*
Who's running shit now? It could only be KeaF with the Dirty South sound
Talking like your girl is the best, Didn't you know I got hoes from the east to the west
Got hoes lined up like it's an HIV test,and fuck that hoe if she won't let you nut on her chest
You wanna fuck? Be my Guest, Wanna suck my dick? Be my guest!
Lay her on the bed pull out the rubber and fuck her like no other
She know I'm like jBo because I only want a cut friend nothing less nothing more
I tell all yall how it is, I'm like 'Truth Hurts' cause I'm so Addictive
You claiming you a playa and you got the best girls, I put yo main hoe on the wall
make her scream,  she said she thought I was MJ I rocked her world
I ain't soft, I'm not P. Diddy I don't Need a girl all I need is one nut and it's all over
Too bad Serena's a lez because I'd put a pillow over her head and work her all over
Oh yeah yo mama came over for dinner yesterday, served her my dick already on the plate
I ain't worrying about your job, bitch just slob on my knob
Ima true pimp bitch I wanna fuck on the first date!

Nasty Nem

*Verse 3*
I know you love me, but I don’t love you
If you didn’t know this is how real G’s do
I keep telling you, your pussy’s sweet like honey
But in the long run you’re only after my money
I know how it goes with all ya’ll hoes
Take ya girls shopping, buyin your clothes
While I’m stuck at home, sittin by the phone
Kickin it in the crib all alone
While you be out with your brand new man
Talkin behind my back callin me a one minute Man?
You screw me bitch when I die it’s you I’ll haunt
So when I rhyme I’ll call you what I want
Slut, Skant, Hoe, Trick
Whore, Skirt, Trash, Bitch
This is one rule, I’ll follow till I die
If youze a real G then you’ll know why
It’ goes a lil something like this
“Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks”

© 2002 NBH Productions
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