Author Topic: Gettin some shit off my chest  (Read 184 times)


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Gettin some shit off my chest
« on: August 24, 2002, 04:02:22 AM »

im dropin a bomb on this shit/
you fucked wit me, and the retaliation is somethin u'll neva forget/
but you will regret goin toe toe/
i aint usin weapons anymore i can assure you/
that you'll be the one to turn unsecure & shoot/
but it dont work bitches, none of you are gangstas/
none of you could cock a shotgun/
never happy, cause im the cat that forgot fun/
i've grown up and realised some shit about the world/
and about the way i feel, so lemme jus kick it and be real/


this rap game means nothin to me/
its taken me this long to see that most cats are wack/
then you got the wannabes who claim they 'Nigga'/
wen they nothin but a scrawny white boy/
who neva thrown a punch in they life cause they're jus a decoy/
then we got the blacks who think coz they black they can rap/
thats the funnyest shit i heard in my life/
well lets start a strife, fuck peace i want war/
not just the war of words, meet me on the street/
and like cow heards, i trample ya with a thousand feet/
like you high in the air/you fuckin rasist piece of shit why you stare?/
coz im a 'cracker?'/or is it coz of the way i wear my hair?/
fuck rap, all of you are just acts/
you rhyme all whack and get and unnatural heart attack/

Love & My People

lets get to the good shit/
people love it when you make your life public/
like people fallin out, all pissed in the pub.. shiit/
it fucks you up to kno your main man said he'd go behind your back/
so, this rhyme is kinda an attack/
coz you kno if i did fuckin hit you that i wouldnt stop/
and they would have to admit you to the nearest morgue/
then i'd pretend to fourge your signature/
jus so you could get a £1 bitch witcya/
at least i know she wouldnt do anythin like that/
wen we talk about it its something we jus laugh at/
love is a strong thing and its gonna pull me through/
i look at you, and damn we wanna screw/
but what to do.. damn/


So, remember me when you sad, lonly and depressed/
like most of you mutafuckers i dont know what to do/
i cant rest, cant find a place for my head/
shit they way im feelin, id rarther be dead/
at least problems would be solved/
at least i wouldnt have to get stupid bicthes involved/
but suicide seems like the way out/
i aint goin that way its played out/
so someone murder me, please kill me/
you neva hearda me, so how can you feel for me/
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