Author Topic: Trying to Pay for Recording School? or Get in and the $ scrare you?  (Read 69 times)


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Hey everyone! How's it going? I couldn't afford to pay over 30k for schooling. There's too many people trying to make it in the music biz. Too many starting in their garage, basement or whatever. I didn't want to 'make the music' trying to still get into the biz. I really wanted in. SO, I had to look hard and think smart.

And what I found was someplace that got me into the right crowds. I made connections (like names you couldn't count on in but in the penthouse) I learned from people in the recording industry, like an apprenticeship. I worked hard but I saved time and money.

Today I am live'n my dream. I thought I would see what everyone else is doing in this forum or at least see of I get a feel for where everyone else is. I get so many emails and I am finding that people are still tryin to make it 'Big.'  

Well, If you are like me 'trying to make it' isn't who I am. Anyways, there is this program out there called Recording Connection at http// Do what I did and learn in private classes from someone in the industry and make 200% more connections for future gigs.

Let me know any of your thoughts. And if I am getting through to ya?

It worked for me, it'll work for you. And find me on http://www/