Author Topic: YO whats up mack long time no see heres a lil ryhm  (Read 74 times)


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YO whats up mack long time no see heres a lil ryhm
« on: July 25, 2002, 10:36:30 AM »
I got the fakes shakin in they heels-
i got em all sweatin like a drunk behind the wheel-
ya'll niggaz couldn't fade, even if you tried-
got you sprwaled out like your ladies legs are open wide-
bitch niggaz in public all, wanna talk-
but behind closed doors they all up on a niggaz jock-
been around the sic for quite a long time-
been spittin rhymes for as long silver has been on a dime-
watch how these faggots are quick to leave the room-
holdin tight to they lady like a witch wit no panties are on a broom-
couldn't touch my style with a ten foot pole-
cuz im spittin new shit while your lyrics are gettin old-
chewin niggaz up betta believe thats a fact-
puttin ho's to sleep with trunks and dirt naps-
rodents aren't the only things i catch wit rat traps, cuz im poison to them fools who talk behind my back-
been crazy cuz this nation got it twisted cuz i can't get high-
but they can throw me an AK an train me to die, fuck it-
id rather risk the casket then live my life in chains-
id rather take my enemies with me then die in vain!

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