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Pure randomness equals genius
« on: July 17, 2002, 09:24:20 AM »
Ok i want everybody to freestyle random shit...........

I woke up today and masterbated 7 times to Shannon Elizabeth\
See the sperm cells are held to emprisonment,letting them out is a pre-requisit\
I fed Pepcid AC to the fish and made Hip Hop Hoe deep-throat the sattalite dish\
Spitting shit so original got me snorting lines of distilled Peptol Bismol\
Slurred speach,feeling dismol got my heart more complicated than the Porsche symbol\
I sprayed my trailor with a mist of evaporated rabbit testicles\
Touch the doorbell your impregnated,Here come TRIX rabbit out your vessel\
He came out strong armed and insisted that we wrestle\
I morphed into an ancient Egyptian god named Anubus\\
Grabbed a palm full of tree sap and ripped out all his pubics\\
Hung him up side down and charged 5 bucks for infants amusement\
I ripped up a piece of paper it was blue with writing on it, today\
I can't really remember it had a bunch of words followed by a name\
It said mothafuckers cant touch the rhyme patterns of Craig  McCra\

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