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« on: June 10, 2002, 06:31:23 PM »
the ghetto got me crazy
wanna get out the game but I cant cuz I gotta feed my baby
I'm back wit them thugs on the corner
look under the coat, guns on the holster
got the crack chop it
got the gat cock it
point it at homie...go through his back pockets
I cant stop it
its like what he has I aint got it
therefore I gotta get him for wallet
I ride around wit out a care in the world
only about my daughter,
nothin else is fair anymore
if I had one prayer in the world
it would be a better life for me and my baby girl
maybe her life will turn out better
meanwhile...I'm on the block
tryin to turn an ounce into chedder
an umbrella couldn't get me through this bad weather
true fact that when it rains it pours
the ghetto got me trapped inside these chained doors

sumthin different for ya' plz
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Stamina I'll be damn if I'll ever be/
took away by the demons I'll never be/
what's the weather when I bust a rhythm I come with the heater cleverly/
niggas nothin will never be/
so killa, flowzilla, gorilla
if flow was a felony/
I'd be in a line hella doin time for the....