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Reach The SCY
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U wanna 'be part of the group' caus u 'cant fit in' and talk shit but im going to ~falter heroes~ with ~alter egos~/
U must be so fucken ugly u need 'stifler' to ~teach u 'pie'~, u needa steal fucken pics to ~reach the scy~/
U say i listen to britney spears but u look like her ~biggest fans~ u tried to put that pic in ya profile but it said ~sig test banned~/
U spell SKY with a 'C' caus by the look of u ya already got 3 K's tatood on ~ya arm~ u a D.J with shitty equipment so go back to ~ya farm~/
Shit u an ugly bitch u should stick to ya dads ~dick kid~, shit man i get more calls from girls than u got emails from what that fake ~pic did~/
Then u wanna diss us when u ~look like that~, u consider urself a playa caus u wear baggy clothes on a FARM and u ~cook some PHAT~/(clothing brand phat farm..)
What happened to your parents if u ~apper this way~ bitch the only way u aint killed urself is caus ya mum says ur looks would ~dissapear with age~/
Is that pimples on ya chin or the food u just ~spill ya mouth~ do humanity and females a favour and stop talken shit and just ~kill ya self~/

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