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Re: Redistribution of Wealth
« Reply #25 on: October 29, 2008, 02:32:23 PM »
Why is there always an assumption made that a millionaire or billionaire worked hard to earn his/her money and someone poor is lazy?  These are just extreme sides of the situation.  There are people out there who were also born into wealth just as there people who work hard and is still poor. 

There are plenty of people in this world that would rather sit on their asses and ask for a handout then actually attain gainful employment. A good number of them are Generation Y young adults. There is nothing extreme about the corrilation between lazy and poor. I am willing to be you there are far more lazy and poor people than those who are born into money. And it's not on you or me to criticize those who have money just because we don't, regardless if they earned it themselves or not.

It's probably split into 3 groups: lazy, mental and physically ill, and unfortunate people.  Just because the first group is the one that's getting all the coverage, doesn't mean that the others should be left to get fucked.  I'm no Obama supporter, but god damn people are acting like if all your taxes is going to go straight to the lazy people.  That's a huge misconception. The country still has to pay for this fucking stupid occupation in Iraq but hey fuck taxes, it's all good to have loans from other countries that come with interest. It just sounds better than taxes. 

Those who are not lazy but still can't pay their bills, that is who welfare is supposed to be for. I have no problem for people asking for money so they can improve their financial standing. But the fact of the matter is, there is a whole slew of people, much more than the other two catagories you listed, who would rather take their government checks and wastefully spend it. And it only gets worse because they think they are entitled to MY money.

For example, there is this woman I know. She doesn't work because apparently she has seizures, so she collects disability. For the 10 years I have known her, I have never heard of or seen her actually having a seizure. Yet, she is still able to drive a vehicle where ever she wants, usually to buy drugs. Then, she has baby after baby with different guys so she can collect child support and welfare. That's three different ways she is getting paid, yet frequently, she asks her daughter's boyfriend for money to pay her bills. Where is the fairness in that? Does she really need any more money especially when it's not being used for what it's intended? That defines the majority of people on welfare. They are just out to get free money. Where is the incentive to live financially independent, which is what we should be striving for?

That's why you need a stricter form of regulation when it comes to deciding on who gets support or not.  My mother has epileptic seizures, and she's not allowed to drive.  So maybe that lady doesn't even have that big of a seizure problem...i don't know.