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I'm patrollin', rollin wiv my head out tha window
My sniper rifle firin' wiv no silencer, acreshendo
Tha indo, tha chronic, gets to my mind, it got me
Pullin off crazy ass shit all tha time / I drive by on muthafukkaz
Jus to pass tha time by, or for no cause at all, its jus that I'm high
I'ma have to stick this dime where there ain't no sunshine
If a tosser like you keep tryna run mine, its time
To get off that ass and make a stand before you dentin
Tha furniture you sittin on, man, where you representin'
I'ma rhyme for yall, tha $CY from  South Camden
Gonna step up, get up and rise up like yeast
Bitch at least I'm resistant to fumes, cos they ain't new to me
Marijuana's holy --- always stays true to me
And its reasons like this why I be crazy as this
I just grab a firearm and start ta bust, I don't diss
I murder, heres a word ta - anyone who ain't familiar
Wiv tha ways of my mind, or anything that's similar
I confront you, and you end up like dead rot
Cos when I finish my stalkin you - its gonna be a head shot

Yeah, bullet through tha brain is what I burden you wiv
Blast you when you ain't lookin, thats my common motive
I know it don't sound fair but thang is, I don't care
Scope you out, and its done, and I get my ass outta their
But I ain't be suspicious, ain't tha usual suspect
Dressin smart 'n' freshened up, to cover up my prospects
I don't take alotta guts to be this mean, see I'm keen
And drenched all over in my own self esteem
To carry out a hit on any guy I gotta beef wit
Any muthafukkin bitch who run they mouth and talk shit
On me, or any other muthafukka dat wiv me
You wanna fight me fair? You gon' have ta come and get me
I'll be up in ya lady, or ya hoe, whatever bitch you got
See I like to piss you off before I bring out my glock
And lay you on tha ground wivout a sizzound
And hide tha corpse where it couldn't be found by a bloodhound
I bust rounds at guys, but never found out by tha fuzz
See I do all tha diversions that a criminal mastermind does
Never had to reach tha sky, in trouble wiv tha FBI
In a top secret location I hide, I don't lie
See, ya fuck wiv me, and end up like dead rot
Cos tha $cy's dead kean to carry out the head shot

peace TimeLock
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^looks like heat but looks could be desiveing^

i got 2 battles now so give me some time to reply

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