Author Topic: ToNe1904 and Illicit, bullshittin on AIM  (Read 150 times)


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ToNe1904 and Illicit, bullshittin on AIM
« on: April 08, 2002, 12:18:42 PM »
We were talkin bout yesterdays aim battle with infinite,blade , doggy, ToNe and me, but it didnt turn out right.....
then ToNe started spittin, and I did too.  enjoy,  THIS AINT NO BATTLE.  

DaYg0stYLz: Im iller then ebola virus in Africa, ToNes attackin-yah, this shit flows easier then rivers to oceans, ima rap scientist, i make MCs quiver frum potions, a rap devotion, but yah shit is dry so get yah lotion, i gotta notion, that therez bout tah be a lyrical explosion...

DaYg0stYLz: lol

DaYg0stYLz: it

CeeRide1984: hell yeh

DaYg0stYLz: My rhymes are harsh and cause corrosion, and on u fakers im exposin, tha truth, u defeatin me is a fluke, call me Chernoble cus my spits known tah nuke, effect yah for years, tears frum yah peers, causin fears, cus u know tha end is near....

DaYg0stYLz: ok ima quit lol

CeeRide1984: the only thing exploding, be my career of exposing/ secret facts of how ToNe is wack/ selling that crack/ I put a strap to the side of his raider cap/ spit three bars til he feels how I treat fagz like that/

CeeRide1984: lol I had to sorry

DaYg0stYLz: aiight

DaYg0stYLz: Fagz like what?? tha Gayside of Berlin slut/ i ship yo ass back tah Germany/ on thiz cKrip i squish, leave u a squirmin-C/ u cant see me if u had X-Ray/ jus let tha text-play/ yah whole setz-gay/ Melinan bitches sleep with tha fishes/ no grantin wishes/ cus ToNe dismisses/

DaYg0stYLz: ;O)

CeeRide1984: i knew u were writin since u remained silent
DaYg0stYLz: lol

CeeRide1984: dissin germany dont bother me tho man

CeeRide1984: lol

DaYg0stYLz: LOL

DaYg0stYLz: damn

CeeRide1984: I yell out Hey-Ho/ to that bitch from Day-Go/ who lay-low cuz he fearin to get slain-yo/ but for real, my intellect is far from your apprehension/ I spit n cause tension/ from frankfurt to the back of your mansion/ i'm full of drama like charles manson tryna kill ya momma/

CeeRide1984: lol  damn

DaYg0stYLz: lol

DaYg0stYLz: Charles tryna kill my mama? well fukit im tha lyrical jeffrey dahmer/ cus ToNe known tah eat u catz up/ i wrap yah raps up/ and hit u witta bitch slap slut/ u cant think on my level/ im tha one rappin devil/ think u tuff, well like UNLV u jussa "runnin rebel"/ cus scared of what ToNe prepared/ a violent spit/ wit silent hits/ u dont hear me comin/ but i feel u runnin/

CeeRide1984: so thats how you want it?/ bitch recognize ya game and watch how I taunt it/ you couldnt flaunt it if pac helped you get up on it/ thats fa sho/ I took a break from rappin wit pussies/ but now I'm back/ cuttin ya throat like it was a sushi/ ya raps is wack/ filled with grammatical errors from fron to back/

DaYg0stYLz: Wit these grammatical errors i throw Cee in tha satanical layer/ Not democricy cus this is a Tyranical Era/ ToNe rulin over u poor peasent rhymers/ and i throw to tha floor present-timers/ This shit is over yur head like baseball caps/ and with this lyrical 44 i waste yall saps/ i bring tha flavor while u keep comin wit tasteless-raps/

CeeRide1984: fuk it, I'll do another/ portrayal of lyrical smother/ like no other/ I got it craccin like 13th street but keep rollin like a 40/ but fuck bangin I keeps puffin stogies, bullshittin shortys/ ToNe thinkin he still above my level/ shits done changed, I turned from newbie to rap rebel/ a fuckin devil, dressed in red but spillin no blood/ immortal soul, I cant lose blessed with skills that I've been given by god/ unravel hatred stored inside me/ turn em into lines, filled with relentless agony/ ToNe bout tah fill it/ witness how I kill it/ dont give a shit bout your answer/ cuz your raps simply I aint feelin it/

CeeRide1984: damn mostly no battle rhyme,  but I had to bring that g shit in the beginning,  

DaYg0stYLz: but fuk yall tasteless-raps/ im confusin u foolz like faceless-maps/ u cant stand-up-to-my-words/ u get slam-dunked-by-my-verbs/ lyrically active/ takin Melinan captive/ my rhymez are attractive, while u keep comin ugly/ yah spits continue tah bug-me/ but jussa small threat, cant really wreck, like bumper car buggies/

DaYg0stYLz: good shit ;O)

CeeRide1984: I finger fuck my gat like 2pac until ToNe body drop/ I never flop in a battle I pop/ shots off the glock into ya dome/ my chrome by loaded, bullets and rhymes unfolded/ ya lifestory, in one line I told it/ one buck tryna fuck and get cash but lackin to grasp/ aint shit in a world full of sin/ as I begin to take control of your soul I'm within/    

DaYg0stYLz: u gettin goood lol

CeeRide1984: lol thx man

CeeRide1984: wanna post this in Keystyle and see how peeps like it?

DaYg0stYLz: if u want....but i dont want it as a

CeeRide1984: naw

CeeRide1984: me neither

DaYg0stYLz: thas cool....u gonna post it or wha?

CeeRide1984: aight  if u ok with it

DaYg0stYLz: yup

lol, I never did this before,  feels good   lol

peace out everybody.
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Re: ToNe1904 and Illicit, bullshittin on AIM
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2002, 11:19:51 PM »
A good read.  :)
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Re: ToNe1904 and Illicit, bullshittin on AIM
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2002, 01:06:36 AM »
A good read.  :)

lol like itz a magazine article
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