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Another Blast From The Blast
« on: April 05, 2002, 01:39:16 PM »
Back in full effect, motherfuckers...

I've never seen a pussy that wasn't mine to fuck,
As I swing around, hit the hockey puck,
My two main hobbies in this game,
To make a hella lotta money and a name,
Send my cheques back to momma-oh my,
Out on the streets, we gonna die,
So I'm making dollars while I can,
Gonna sign the card, please another fan,
Cause we ain't got long till we swallowed,
And only a fool ever fears being followed,
So remember before you buck a round,
We all in this game, until the money's found...

We may as well help out a brother,
Don't love yourself, try to love another!
For the light begins to flicker and to fade,
And we're on this earth till out debt is paid,
Blaze up, help and run another ki,
Break the door, and collect your fee,
That ain't the way to go homie,
You made your money now you act like you don't know me,
Remember when we hung together on the beach?
I tried to convince it was useless, I beseech,
Hang together, roll another blunt,
Cause I'm out there looking for some cunt...
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