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Chad Vader's review of CROOKED I - Block Obama II

1. Circle Gang Anthem (feat. Kobe) [Explicit] 4:19
The beat is straight,dope raps,the hook is wak  :P

2. On My Mama I'm A Boss (prod. By Rick Rock) [Explicit]   4:29
Don't like this one  :P

3. American Me [Explicit]   5:25
Dope lyrics,the beat is alright

4. 3 Bitches (feat. Knoc-Turnal) [Explicit]   4:12

5. Do It Like Me (feat. Das [I-15]) [Explicit]   3:59
Nah... don't feel it  :P

6. Can I Talk To You? [Explicit]   3:30
Dope raps,not sure about the beat.... but it the lyrics,so I guess it's cool.

7. You Should Be From C.O.B. (feat. G.L. Smooth) [Explicit]   4:11
The beat is cool,the raps is alright... the hook is wak

8. Dream Big (feat. Akon) [Explicit]   4:28
nah.... fuck those drums

9. Dream Big Remix (feat. Akon)[Bonus Track] [Explicit]
wtf?  :P :P :P :-[ :-\

WTF happent here?  :-X :-\
I mean Crooked I is one the best to ever do it,I love his street albums/mix-tapes..... then this shit  :-X
Must say very I'm disappointed  :-\ :-\ :-\
overall rating;

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My alternate review...

1) Circle Gang Anthem feat. Kobe - 4/5

The beat is crazy hot, something original aside from the usual crap that fills the radios these days. When it comes to the hook, I guess you either love it or hate it. I think Kobe did his thing, it's not what you would be expecting after the first listen, but after that it's hot. Great opener track for this EP.

2) On My Mama I'm A Boss - 4/5

Not the BEST Rick Rock beat I've heard, but it's still hot, especially that it changes the drum pattern up about 8 bars into the verse. I heard a rumor that this was ORIGINALLY going to be a single for a previous version of BOSS, but don't take my word for that. However, if that's the case, it would have served it's purpose. It gets you hyped, but Crook still comes correct on it. Not his usual lyrical self, but he spits an awkward flow that oddly enough fits the beat perfectly. I give this one daily spins.

3) American Me - 4/5

Crook stuck with the Obama theme on this track. Politically inspired lyrics for the streets and doesn't hold anything back. I thought that Jim did a good job with the beat, but it wasn't what I was expecting at all. I think the different layers of drums and little effects here and there are what save the production for me. Jim's a hell of a producer, but I thought he was going to flip the sample a little hotter. This isn't your everyday "bump-in-the-ride" track, but it's some well thought out lyrics and a great overall package.

4) 3 Bitches feat. Knoc-turnal - 2/5

This is pretty much the downfall of the EP in my opinion. The beat is way too awkward for me and makes it a little difficult for Crook to stay on pace with it. He does come correct lyrically and I guess that goes without saying, but I'm sorry Knoc fans, I wasn't feeling the hook at all. It was just... annoying.

5) Do It Like Me feat. Das - 3.5/5

Another track with commercial appeal. However, I guess if you reject this type of track in general your going to hate it anyway. I thought the beat was hard though, it was a nice mixture with the R&B hook. Crook comes correct on it, but there were points where I was thinking "Ehh, you might have dumbed it down for no reason there". The track would have gotten a higher rating, but after a couple weeks of listening to it, it isn't as hot as I originally thought. I'd still like to hear Crook do more songs like this in the future though.

6) Can I Talk To You!? - 4.5/5

One of the best tracks on the EP if not the best. It may not be a perfect track, because the beat could have been a little more hyped up, but I can live with it. Crook is straight lyrical on this song and shows off how flawless his delivery is. I liked how they kept it Hip Hop at the end with the scratching, nice to hear that since it's so forgotten these days. Great song.

7) You Should Be From COB feat. GL Smooth - 4/5

I could dig it, nice laid back track with a West Coast feel to it. The hook was tight too, matched the feeling of the track completely. I think both the Horse Shoe Gang and Sauce did their thing on the track, but I've heard better from them in the past. Crook pretty much steals the track as expect, but it's too bad his verse isn't until the end. I was really expecting more from the Horse Shoe Gang, but the beat and the hook saved me from giving the song a worse rating.

8) Dream Big feat. Akon - 3.5 / 5

Don't get me wrong, I love the track Dream Big, but I'm not quite sure I'm feeling what they did with the drums on this "remake". I don't think it needed the 808's and the raging southern style hi-hats. I thought if anything they could have made the original incredible if they added a smooth West Coast flava bassline, but I guess they didn't see that. It's hot, I mean, if you can over the new drum pattern, but it's a little awkward. You can tell the track was meant to be slower paced and they tried to hype it up for commercial appeal, but I'm not so sure it works. It gets the rating it gets because I love the original and it's essentially the same song, but not breathtaking.

9) Dream Big (Remix) feat. Akon - 3.5/5

I think this track is actually pretty hot and I don't have too much negativity to say about it other than the original is hotter. However, with that being said, Komplex brought a different perspective to this song with this beat. He made what was originally a heartfelt, chill track into a street banger and it worked to an extent. I think the only thing holding back what he tried to do is the fact that you can tell Crooked and Akon originally spit to a slower more laid back beat. It's hard to take an acapella and then re-build the beat and get the same effect. I mean, people do it all the time, but I'm not so sure Kompo did his best. I like it a little better than the other version of Dream Big on this EP though. Only problem is... why is it clean? LOL.

Overall - 3.5

I give it an average rating even though there were songs I was REALLY feeling. Mind you this is coming from a HUGE Crooked I fan. The only reason it got this rating is to be fair in how I rated some of the albums downfalls. For example that 3 Bitches track really hurts the albums rating. Also, in my HONEST opinion there were no tracks that were PERFECT and I know Crook is capable of delivering a perfect track. However, if you are a Crook fan or not a Crook fan you will dig this project. Don't go by my overall rating, because as you can see there is fire on here. You will definitely get your money's worth. However, I will say something that many will not. I'm feeling the first Block Obama a little more. I think Crook was more lyrical on the first one and that's always my primary concern. Those of you looking for Crook on original beats will love this. Give it a spin and support the artist.


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+1 for the alternate review  ;)
I like to point out that Iīm Crooked/Komplex/Jim Gittum fan.... I guess I didnīt feel the "sound/style" they used on this one.  :P ;)

No doubt, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. It WAS a different sound for Crooked, so I can see how it would throw people off. +1

Crooked I

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Re: OFFICIAL CROOKED I - Block Obama II Discussion Thread! EP OUT NOW!
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is 5000 sold mixtapes good ? and can you order it as cd too or only pay and download ?


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Re: OFFICIAL CROOKED I - Block Obama II Discussion Thread! EP OUT NOW!
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5000 copies at $9.00 is about $45 000, so yes i would say thats good.