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CREDITS: Partners-N-Crime - What'cha Wanna Do
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What'cha Wanna Do
South Coast Music Group, 1998

1. What'cha Wanna Do? (feat. Prime & Lil Leroy)
2. Pimp'en The Scene (feat. B-Shype)
3. Hit Maker's (feat. B-Shype)
4. Raw (feat. Tre-8)
5. N.O. Block Party (feat. DJ Jubilee)
6. Meet Me At The River (feat. Ghetto Twiinz)
7. Bad M.F. (feat. Prime)
8. Stole The Ye (feat. Dejon!)
9. These Are Day'z
10. Finer Things In Life (feat. Bayou Boy & B-Shype)
11. Down South (feat. Tre-8)
12. Get Your Money Right (feat. Mel & B-Shype)
13. Chopped Down (feat. B-Shype)
14. La, La, La (feat. Dee & M. Jane)

Producer: L. "Precise" Edwards.
Engineer: L. "Precise" Edwards.
Mixed by: L. "Precise" Edwards.
Mastered by: L. "Precise" Edwards.
All instruments by: Cise ya dig.