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Bad Seeds
« on: March 28, 2002, 09:17:46 PM »

Diamonds are blindin, im steadyly cimbin
neva to fall off, watchin my back, im still tryin
people with their hats off, mothers be crying
I aint lying, I see men walking with souls that are dying
stabbed in the back while sleepin, weeping women in black be multiplying
using techniques to rise to the peak  
like the pasific, my rhymes are deep
laughin at the weak
the past is obsolete
what you speak is oblique
my future looking bleak
mind wandering, what is it that i seek
the essence of my mystique beings to leak
tear drops be rolling down from my cheek
across my soul I feel blood streaks
slowly fading away, hearing women shriek
to be fake .. is to be unique
My mind struggling to break free
Lungs gasping to breathe....

the foundation was weak, so we were born to collapse  
plantation of bad seeds, knowledge is out of our grasp
perhaps we can make a change in the youth with our raps
infect the truth. watch backs, and fill in the gaps

I open my eyes, tryin to hide the pain i feel inside
when I hear terrified cries, of mothers when their kids die
and nobody asks why
i see dead birds flying through black skies
why is the grass always greener on the other side
spitting words that cry,  
the hate and lies hyptonize
leaders with blind folded eyes
old are wise but how long shall we abide
we ourselves are the devils in disguise...

crackheaded babies in miniture caskets
you know its gettin drastic when,
drugs are put in fruit baskets
bodies zipped up in plastic
when that happens, thats it

and thats why i spit these lyrics
to express the pain i feel in my spirit
hopin for sum changes, hoping that you feel it


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