Author Topic: Looking For A Job? Current Top 10 Most Notorious Gangs  (Read 820 times)


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Re: Looking For A Job? Current Top 10 Most Notorious Gangs
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LMAO @ Crips comining number 2....guess this was written by an american ;D
MS13 wuz created in LA
u know anything bout em?

yeah i seen a documentary lil while back they look serious

my problem with crips bein number 2 is there unorganized...i never heard of crips having police chiefs/judges/senators under the thumb...dudes need to look at them eastern european gangs that are rain like fuckin get jumped have to run obstacle courses be blindfolded and fired at...then finally set on fire

if this list was forreal it would be m,ostly full of african eastern european and south american gangs

im sure there are crip sets that are organized and have juice. have u been outside lately? nobodies gangbangin like its 90's everybvody is movin weight tryna get into organized crime. its a matter of time till race gets irrelevent

still until there people trafficking basically commiting genocide and infiltrating the upper echeleons or authorities and government office they shouldnt be that high imo