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Blowin off steam.....
« on: March 27, 2002, 08:06:25 AM »
for me to be blowin off steam its bad for your health/
i'll let u judge on my battle raps desruction speaks for its self/
ur well being is for me to be freeing all of my thoughts with plots that blind you and keep u from seeing/
i will test ya dare level, trip u up wit ya own phrases and beat ya with a metal shevel/
im evil one notch up from tha devil, sprayin citric acid on floors eatin threw ya enterior/
u fucked with tha wrong psycho cause my explosion is superior, i have frantic thoughts panic, like schizophranic, cuttin up ya corpse and leavin it in tha middle of tha atlantic/
my passion for black magic will ripped ya eyes out and ship u out this planet, im tha bouncer and ur access will not be granted/
im money coated and its all about tha binjamens, i get on missions and destroy competition with an option of being cut to shit and sold in an auction/
and all ya medallin i be stopin when im sompin ya brains to tha ground with a double barrel and 2 automatic rounds/
tha onlytime it emptyed when u hear tha click click sound, i will scare tha shit out of u and leave an eternal frown/
when it comes to being distructive im tha best in town, i should have made that track with eminem, and royce nickle 9 cause im hellbound.....

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