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Thoughts Into Rhymes by Bez
« on: August 02, 2003, 06:29:21 AM »
The way I "Cruise" through tha street leave woman like yer he-fine//
But I lean out that window and blast ya wit ma-nine, the only way you could see it cumin is if you worked at pre-crime//
This ain't no minority-report this shit is simply food-for-thought//
I'm a cruel criminal who escaped tha court, payin em off with fat-stacks, leavin tha room like dood-ya-bought//
All I do is rap-tracks, didn't realise there was so much-whit-needed to make-tha-money for liven//
Don't hear the record feel it............hush do ya feel it, like a smart wasp I take-ya-honey, I guess I must be driven//
Got a quest to reach the top-of-the-hill and stand-tall and watch ya'll not say a thing//
I'll be the best so hot-it-cud-kill ya know it was planned-ya'll like Larry I'll certainly be a King//
I know I gotta-have-it, got skillz-like-rabbit, but I'm showin tha children ya can change the future, wanna know why-son?//
A whole lotta-fucked-shit I've overcome but kills-become-habit, I've traveled more than 8 miles like Dy-son//
Like a T-1000 I mould into different peeps-and-props until ya can't even speak-for-shock//
Enemies I leave em in heaps-and-dropz, better be strong around me cos the weak-I-mock//
I murder anybody that go up against me, black, white, indiana, jamacian, I aint hatin//
I'm just patiently waitin for ma time ta show tha world what noise I'm makin//
Ya wanna go against me I'm odds on throughout the whole nation//
For every 1 person wit you I got like 250, I aint ever been good at math so you do tha equation//

I'm a full-time military leader part-time workin in a store refusin to-bag-datz// (Bagdads)
Saddam take ya fallen ass back ta the mountains here these are for you bitch..I threw-maxi-padz//
Don't think thats the last of the blood your gunna see in your-sorry-life, scared hidin-under-covers//
Red sea pourin from ya hor-ya-wife, pay me 30 mill and I'll make sure ya lyin-with-ya-brothers before the end of the night//
More sadisitic than Iraq when I'm on the attack, don't be sittin pretendin ain't heard-diss//
I won't show you no slack when its time for pay back, shits revenge for every family thats kurd-ish//
Watch ya body sway from side-to-side in the breeze of tha night, shoutin rounds into the sky in celebration//
Time to now ride-not-hide ya'll are free from the fight, Saddams waved goodbye ya'll are now a nation free of aggrovation//
I aint into playin games, so I crack-foes-backs, ya can't fuck wit bezzie, learnin shit in Kendo//
Enemies know who they are no need to say names, bet the wacks-heart-lapse like gettin epilepsy off Nintento//
We could never "just be friends" tho, I'm the quick-runner in this game to me ya just a coowe-g//
I'm savin tha princess, dam you the shit-plummer Mario, ya just in ma shadow like Luigi//
Come see me bitch perhaps your ass best be prepared//
Like an overhead smash your ass is gettin served//


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Re:Thoughts Into Rhymes by Bez
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nice to see your working on multis

Reservation, Bitch!!!