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Off My Dizzome
« on: March 22, 2002, 08:55:34 AM »
It's Harm-Many makin his return, givin everyone a concern/
I spit flames that burn and da hot flava that ya'll yearn//
Too many bitches practicin masturbation that get em on probation/
I'm spittin lyrics of deviation that are as serious as good sanitation//
Always rappin and never singin and you feel the hottness I'm bringin/
not bling-blingin but call me Dr.Dre cuz I can keep their heads ringin//
I'm the renegade, not afraid of anything that you say/
on any given day I'll make ya pay with no viewable delay//
Fuck anyone that talk too much, bout ta get ya mouth shut/
Fillin ya guts with lead cuz ya irrelevant chit-chat made me go nuts//
I ain't from a bad hood but I never been someone who is completly good/
you could and would come at me but that don't mean ya should//
I could school you bout Aristotle but I'm gonna slam on the throttle/
makin a model out ya face cuz I just smashed it in like a milk bottle//
Forcin couples to divorce and settlin assault cases out of court/
claimin you won't surrender but callin abort is your only resort//
Got you scared enough to commit truancy from your mere dillusiancy/
the fans ain't booin me cuz I'm the one flowin with the fluency//

Jus sum shit for ya'll...please give me some feedback.
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