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« on: November 15, 2008, 03:03:16 PM »

they don't want me to succeed, they don't wanna see me breathe,
kinda thriving off this hate but your love is what i need,
and the pain you make me feel got me fumblin my dreams,
can you leave my heart alone? here, you can take my liver, spleen,
but my soul's untouchable, flexin', rippin' thru my flesh,
reborn into the rhythm when i'm livin' thru my death,
my voice is just a listen of the ribbon on cassette,
but the message that i'm givin' stayin' hidden at my rest,
emotions that i reinvest in this,
bringin' out my inner demons battlin' my nemesis on the left,
so i write these words effortless,
escape the rising temperatures and push the mountain everest off my chest,
destiny grips my upper hand palming,
i'm spinnin' the global on my finger like a spaulding,
my calling, it's hiphop, when embalming these thoughts in my music,
the anger that's within me is calming.

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