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CREDITS: John Robinson - The Leak Edition Volume 1
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1. The Leak Edition Begins

2. Alwayz Bless
Produced by Locsmif

3. BBC 1 Xtra Part One (feat. Benji B)

4. Yikes - Scienz of Life (feat. MF Doom)
Produced by ID 4 Winds

5. JR DM
Produced by Danger Mouse

6. I Wondah
Produced by K-Dub

7. BBC 1 Xtra Part Two (feat. Benji B)

8. Indy 102
Produced by MF Doom

9. Clear One
Produced by Chris Craft

10. Melinda's Dress
Produced by Madlib

11. BBC 1 Xtra Part Three (feat. Benji B)

12. There She Goes
Produced by MF Doom

13. Turn The Bass Up - Scienz of Life
Produced by Count Bass-D

14. Next Levels - Scienz of Life
Produced by King Geedorah

15. BBC 1 Xtra Part Four (feat. Benji B)

16. Like This
Produced by Carlos Nino of Ammon Contact

17. Hit Me Ruff Draft
Produced by Lacks aka Ta'Raach

18. Keep Shining feat. Wale Oyejide
Produced by J. Rawls

19. Sedgewick & Cedar Interlude

20. Surrounding M
Produced by Madlib

21. BBC 1 Xtra Freestyle Session (feat. Benji B)

22. So Bad
Produced by Descry

23. Cry Baby
Produced by G-Man

24. Off The Domain
Produced by Flying Lotus