Author Topic: How do you post mp3z?  (Read 118 times)


How do you post mp3z?
« on: September 19, 2002, 01:19:08 PM »
Like say I wanted to post up some songs that I have?  How would I do that?
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Re: How do you post mp3z?
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uhhhhh, u need a lot of help...

U get it uploaded to a website (,,, etc etc)...Than u paste the url of the mp3 file and post's pretty simple...lololol

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Re: How do you post mp3z?
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2002, 03:42:40 PM »
it's EaZy

Get winamp on. put all ur mp3z u want listed.

Click Misc (on the playlist functions)

then misc options> generate Html Playlist. That'll give u the list in html format. then jus select and paste

should come out like this




48 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:04
Playlist length: 2 hours 27 minutes 35 seconds
Right-click here to save this HTML file.

Playlist files:

Ghost Dog - Cakes - Kool G Rap (featuring the RZA)
17-Jedi Mind Tricks-Gehghis Khan Ft. Tragedy Khadafi-EGO
Black Knights - Get At Me feat. Shyheim
black knights - tune of a black knight
Black Knights - Zip Code
Black Knights of North Star - Fatal Sting
Black Knights of Northstar - Freestyle (Wake up Show)
Black Knights of the North Star - Fatal Sting
Ghost Dog - Fast Shadow - Wu-Tang Clan
Ghost Dog - Rza & Wu Tang Clan - Fast Shadow
Ghost Dog - Samurai Code Final Quote
Ghost Dog - Samurai Code Quote #5
Ghost Dog - Samurai Showdown - The RZA
ghost dog soundtrack - Method Man & Old Dirty Bastard
Ghost Dog Soundtrack - RZA ft Kool G Rap - Cakes
Ghost Dog...The Way Of The Samurai - Strange Eyes - Sunz Of Man
Jedi Mind Tricks Virtuoso - Exertions (rmx)
Jedi Mind Tricks - 12 - I Who Have Nothing
Jedi Mind Tricks - After The Show
Jedi Mind Tricks - Army of Pharoahs 5 perfect Excursions (1) (4)
Jedi Mind Tricks - Blood Runs Cold
Jedi Mind Tricks - Chinese Water Torture
Jedi Mind Tricks - Heavenly Divine
Jedi Mind Tricks - Intro
jedi mind tricks - Paleface
jedi mind tricks - retaliation
Jedi Mind Tricks - Sacrifice
Jedi Mind Tricks - Speech Cobras (Feat. Mr.Lif)
jedi mind tricks - spitmode
Jedi Mind Tricks - The Deer Hunter
Jedi Mind Tricks - Trinity
Kool G Rap&RZA - Cakes
RZA - Dead Birds
RZA (and other artists) - Samurai Showdown
RZA (and other artists) - Walk The Dogs
RZA - Ghost Dog soundtrack - Flying Birds
RZA - Ghost Dog soundtrack - Funky Theme
RZA - Ghost Dog soundtrack - Ghost Dog Theme
rza - opening theme (raise your sword instrumental)
RZA - Samurai Showdown
RZA - Samurai Theme
Speech Cobras (Ft Mr. Lif) - Untitled
The RZA - Jeru and Afu Ra - East New Yor
Unknown - Virtuoso ft Jedi Mind - Beatdo
Various Artists - Samurai Code Final Quote
Various Artists - Samurai Code Quote #5
Wordsworth, Rise, Punchline, Jedi Mind Tricks, and A.L. - After The Show Freestyles
{Instrumentals} RZA - Ghost Dog Opening Theme (Raise Your Sword Instrumental)

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