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CREDITS: Random - Patches And Glue (EP)
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Patches And Glue
RandomBeats Music, 2008

1. Words From The Beagle
Beat by Storyville

2. Fly
Beat by Raze Brooks

3. Til The Horns Blow
Beat by DN3

4. The Beatdown
Beat by K-Murdock

5. Twice Over
Beat by DN3 & Ohene

6. Inbox
Beat by Random

7. Grandma's Boys (feat. JonBap)
Beat by DN3

8. The GetDown
Beat by Storyville

9. I Pray (feat. Richard Zeier)
Beat by DN3 & Ohene

Bonus tracks:
10. Wings
Beat by DN3

11. Inbox (Electric Remixation) (feat. DN3 & 88-Keys)
Beat by DN3