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CREDITS: Brandy - Human (2008)
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01-Brandy - Human (Intro).mp3
02-Brandy - The Definition (Prod. by Darkchild).mp3
03-Brandy - Warm It Up (With Love) Prod. by Darkchild.mp3
04-Brandy - Right Here (Departed) Prod. by Darkchild.mp3
05-Brandy - Piano Man (Prod. by Darkchild).mp3
06-Brandy - Long Distance (Interlude).mp3
07-Brandy - Long Distance (Prod. by Darkchild).mp3
08-Brandy - Camouflage (Prod. by Darkchild).mp3
09-Brandy - Torn Down (Prod. by Midi Mafia).mp3
10-Brandy - Human (Prod. by Toby Gad).mp3
11-Brandy - Shattered Heart (Prod. by Darkchild).mp3
12-Brandy - True (Prod. by RedOne).mp3
13-Brandy - A Capella (Somethings Missing) Prod. by Soundz.mp3
14-Brandy - 1st And Love (Prod. by Hitboy).mp3
15-Brandy - Fall (Prod. by Brian Kennedy).mp3

It's one of the greatest album of the year 2008
I normally don't like female r&b but this album is awesome...
I think toni braxtons album will be also a smash like that
(Sorry for my english i'm from germany)  :-[
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