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CREDITS: Young Dre The Truth - Bigga Than Life (Mixtape)
« on: December 20, 2008, 08:21:16 AM »
1. Bigga Than Life Intro

2. Im Goin’ In On Em’
Produced by Soul Nana for The System

3. DJ Skee & Young Dre The Truth - Convo

4. Hip Hop Need Discipline
Produced by LT Hutton

5. Can’t Be Faded (feat. E-40 & Nate Dogg)
Produced by JR Rotem

6. Cheah Beah
Produced by Dead Execs

7. Get It
Produced by Julian Buenetta

8. I Love LA
Produced by The Specialist Cavie

9. West Goin’ On
Produced Cavie Tex

10. He’s The Truth (feat. India Arie)

11. Tell Em’ I Did It Feat Lina
Produced By Jeeve for Wheres My Cut Productions

12. My Own Way (feat. Dead Execs)
Produced by Dead Execs

13. Closer to My Dreams Remix (feat. Goapele)

14. If This Is Love
Produced by Walt Liquor

15. Up & Down
Produced Julian Buenetta

16. Welcome 2 Cali
Produced by LT Hutton

17. Since You Been Away
Produced by Geeves & Travis

18. Time 2 Go
Produced by Tommy Costner

19. They Can’t Even Get It (feat.. Snoop Dogg)
Produced by LT Hutton
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