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'In need of asisstance' Cyborg Ninja's new song...
« on: January 16, 2002, 10:05:24 AM »
Song Name: 'In need of asisstance'
Written by: MCDougal

[Verse 1]

A constant wave of depression//
Your life, in the end will teach you a lesson//
Anger and Brute Force is unleashed and used//
You are brital, you weak, your beaten and brused//
A constant wave of addilesson//
I'll fuckin teach, the c'nts a lesson//
I make the right moves//
But i cant go on, im lost within//
I wont back down, i wont give in//
Your 'In need of assisstance'//
You can make it, you'll pull thru//
If you have persistance, then i wont need to help you//
Resistance is imperitable//
I will help you, what your going thru is unbearable//
Have a rest, heel your wounds, get away from the goons//
Your to brital//
I go in with both guns blazin//
Your hidin behind me, and your embracing//
My shoulders crumble, and your fingers are slippin//
A gun is fired, and everything slows down//
The bullets coming towards us, you can see it ripplin//
Thru the air......//
Im scared//


What do we do..//
We come so far, and now the question lies in the back of my head//
Are we gonna make it, are we gonna pull thru?//
We arent gonna forfit the game, no one will take us out of the frame//
We will sucseed, i will do it for you, even if i bleed//
I've done it before i'll do it again//
I will give my life, so you can keep your picture on the shelf//
To me, i feel like history is repeatin itself//


[Verse 2]

Confidence is all you need//
They dont want you, they want what you've got//
Something has taken over them, it's Greed//
As i said before, i will sacrifice myself, so that you dont bleed//
I know you can do it, dont give in, its called Resistance
Indeed i am here, coz i know that your//
in need of//
You make it out the door in plenty of time//
People look at you, and stare as if you've just commited a crime//
You dont say nothin, you just keep on runnin, act as if your mind is blind//
My name will be left in the silence of the answer, and the question is fading//
Like a picture that a little kid has been tracing//
Im left in the mistake, but i cant get turn back now, its the mistake that i have to take//
I've become posessed, i dont need to rest, im comin at you guys with a mic in my hand//
and a gun in the other//
You start to turn tha tape over and play another track//
Well you messed with the wrong guy, i come back at you with verbal attack//


[Verse 3]

Theres a place so dark, you cant see the end, its the route you'll take, and you cant defend//
What i throw at you//
All the madning is unberable, im evil, and taken over by anger//
I have tricked you boy, you're more of a fool//
Than when you tried to test me with your bullets//
And your black polished outfits, and your clean cut mullets//
Well forcefuly with the eyes shut, look thru the mist of rotten dust//
And your head hits the floor//
I've lyrically murdered you and you didnt make it out the door//
You've pushed me to the limit, you've hit my inner core//
Now where ya gonna run, when you staring into space//
And you think its a dream,  you smack yourself in the face//
You can hold on, your slipping, your bones are clickin//
You cant keep up the pace//
I only get stretched so far, and i enter your mind and leave a scar//
Your gonna get the blame, reffuse to admit to what you have done//
You then get burnt by the flame//
You admit, i put your name to shame, and i put everyone in the right frame of mind//
That they should forget about you, your future and past get left behind//
Your invisible, your untouchable//
The temptations of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, are too hard to resist//
You cant cary on, you dont exsist....!//

[Chorus] (Fade Out)

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Re: 'In need of asisstance' Cyborg Ninja's new son
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2002, 11:35:25 AM »
yo basically and overall thats sum tight shit!!! keep it up  ima give u a detailed review when i got more time or meet me on aim homie.   peace
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