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Re: So who wrote the Quran?
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I didn't know the Prophet Muhammad. But the laws he laid down remind me of Christ, Buddha...similar in the vein of, and more stricter and harsher in some respects I know.
Thing is im not a Muslim. I study most religions and all ideas thru life. I see the similarities because I recognise the grains of truth.

If Muhammad's laws remind you of those of Christ, or even of Buddha (your prophet), you don't know those religions very well. Muhammad laid down laws governing how to pillage, how to treat captured women, and how to treat unbelievers (basically, like shit). I'm not a Buddhist myself, but you're insulting your own religion (if you even call it that) if you find any parallels between that and Islam.

Oh, yeah, and quoting some illiterate rapper as an argument does not lend much to your credibility.

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Re: So who wrote the Quran?
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Certain theological and philosophical aspects of Islam remind me of other religions. In such a respect faiths have many core commonalities.

However you may simply be too dumb to understand so why bother to spell it out for you.
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Re: So who wrote the Quran?
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'If you want to know about Islam, read about the life of Muhammad and his intentions in his actions, that is Islam, not the Koran, not Muslims'.

Well, here's the problem: Muhammad was a violent bastard, a warlord who liked little girls and who had a habit of killing anyone who didn't respect his divine inspiration. Of all the men who claimed to be prophets, he might have been the most violent and downright insane. If one bases their understanding of Islam upon the life of Muhammad and his intentions, then, well, guess what? They'd become jihadists. And many do.

dude, ur really off.... Im Not Sure whats ur source... but the Prophet, was not as how u say... and violence unfortunately is part of war.... he was the general/leader of an army... and Ur wrong to his intentions of violence... cuase u obviously didnt consider the quote u what repylying to... the only reason for him .. or his army... to be violent.. was for self preservation and protection of rights.... he did not kill or order anyone killed with out reason or means justifed outside the rules of engagment... Moses would have jews kill if they worked on sabeth.... sundays..... just to make a point..... soo...yeah..... and for ur little girls point... ur totally incorrect... his wife was actually Older then him...  U should honestly get ur propoganda correct to a reasonable level before talkin smack... this is the problem with humanity... their is no tolorence ...lots of ego and pride... and virtually no respect for thinks one doest not understand of the bat... so its dismissed totally... and Obama is President ... so ur White Pride might need to simmer down a bit... yet its totally ok to have... cuase im not a hipocrite... but dont let ur self ideas inject hatred on to others.... Ur defination of a jahdist is a terrorist.... but the tru defination is the fight int he cause of god... alll ur see and read is what ur "white pride" followers aka the western media wahts to project bout muslims.. but the fact it... its our own fault to let our fellow humans go  astray as to no even recognize what injustice is.... ur speakin on things u dont understand is injustice.... u disappoint me.