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this world we live in
« on: December 19, 2001, 01:04:19 PM »
we livin in a heartless world where troubles are predestined/
undisciplined vultures try to fade you, so stay attentive/
put your head n your heart in your dreams, try to accomplish/
whatever u can, give proper respect to those who'll acknowledge/
the goals you'Ve achieved, dont be anxious/
stand up for yourself, if they nut up, go n demolish/
pray for forgiveness, we'Ve all sinned so whats the difference/
between a judge and a convict, priest and a larcenist?/
its nonsense,how they lock up thiefs but cant catch terrorists/
these are just examples, for lifes betrayal actions/
ive been fucked so many times, waitin for my heart to cancel/
aint leavin though without my purpose/
that ive been givin by god to whom i have to observe it/
I'll make him proud, or at least I'll try/
no ones ideal, some act hard but, but too have cried/
the world nowadays is complicated, grief's intensified/
the lord will get us all, we can run but we cant hide/
ya either question my skillz or really felt what ive been tellin/
but believe it or not, this is the world we're livin in...../

well uhm i just felt like spittin this religious stuff. if you kinda feel me you could add a verse so i aint alone lol.  other than that dont review it if ya gonna diss it. i just had a lil down so i posted that.

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