Author Topic: Travel Warning Issued To African Americans‏  (Read 197 times)


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Travel Warning Issued To African Americans‏
« on: January 21, 2009, 11:21:36 PM »
Travel Warning Issued To African Americans, Black Entertainers And Rappers Entering Canada After Government Television Station Refers To Barack Obama With "N" Word While Making Racist Assassination Remark, Canadian Premier And Canada's Top Rapper Admit $900 Million Profiling Lawsuit 100% True

President Obama, Clinton, and Holder Duped Into Supporting Racial Profiling Of Blacks By Canadians In Federal Court As Attacks On Blacks Turn Violent On Eve Of Obama Trip To Great White North

In a stunning series of events, Canadian Premier Dalton McGuinty admitted in a $2 million report that racism, not African Americans, rappers, or other Black entertainers are responsible Canada s increased gun and gang violence as previously alleged by Members of Parliament. This as Canadian rap kingpin Kardinal Offishall states that the $900 million lawsuit filed by Murdercap Records CEO and university lecturer Jerome Almon has stopped Canada from profiling Canadian rappers and increased targeting of Americas top MCs. Additionally, rap mogul Jay Z blasted Canada Customs live on Canada s largest music channel Much Music for profiling rappers. This ads to the long list of rappers, Black athletes, and artists that have complained about being targeted by border guards, including rock and roll hall of famer Wilson Pickett, DMX, NBA star Dee Brown, 50 Cent, Olivia, Talib Kewli, and Busta Rhymes.

Mr. Almon is issuing a travel warning due to the dramatic increase in violence against African Americans by Canadian police and other authorities in its major cities, the refusal of Canadian bars, hotels, clubs, and restaurants to serve Blacks, and in a shocking broadcast on the government owned Canadian Broadcast Company, the host and producers of the most watched program in Quebec called President Barack Obama the N word, and stated his election was a good thing because his being Black would make him stand out against the White House-making it easier to assassinate him. This follows a recent Canadian Human Rights Report and Canadian Justice Department findings that Canada and its border services are far more guilty of racial profiling than the US or UK and has a \"rap hit list\" authorities are targeting frame ups. The response of the US Department of Justice and the State Department has been to argue in Federal Court that African Americans, Black entertainers, athletes, and rappers should be profiled by Canada Border Services and police.

Due to the increased number of Black Americans reporting severe beatings by police in cities such as Toronto-as has been the case with African Canadians, numerous taser deaths, and unjustified shootings by police, and recent poll data that showed 59% of Quebecers admitted that they are racist, and with 92% of Canadians admitting that they had seen or have been the victim of a racist incident in a country 2% Black, Mr. Almon has asked President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and AG Holder to directly address the issue with the Canadian government prior to his announced trip to the Great White North and the Canadian Justice Minister for a public inquiry.