Author Topic: what collabs do you want to see with west coast artist/another region  (Read 75 times)


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Vakill announced he did a trac with Crooked I,and I am listening to Vakill like I use to do in 06

what dream collabs do you want to see with someone from the west with someone from a different region

also Glasses mentioned working with Tech 9ine (who is from the midwest like vakill) also Caltroit was the shit

I want to hear

Vakill with Glasses just because Vakill is a beast they both got that smooth calm shit about them plus Vakiill got a I do not give a fuc attitude
Royce Da 5'9 with Jay Roc just to hear Royce beast on a beat,and to see how Jay Roc would respond with someone of this caliber whenever I have doubted dude he has came through (east meets west proved that he could spit with anyone) but I would love to see 24 bars each see if he could keep up
Copywrite with Ab-Soul Copywrite is elite,and needs to be seen as such outside of me Ab has the best wordplay on the west coast,and the collab with me and Copy is coming soon (hopefully)
Sha Stimuli with Ab-soul and K Dot Sha Stimuli is I would say one of the 10 most over looked in the game his actual flow,and wordplay is not human all three on one trac
Graph with Ab-soul (yeah they were both on east meets west but I want a trac with just those two)
Termanology with Bishop Lamont Bishop spit with Elzhi,and Royce passed without a doubt this needs to happen
Elzhi with Punch lets see how Punch comes off on a tracc with another elite rhymer who is over looked

I will think of more later add your people