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(Old) Info About Foesum
« on: January 26, 2009, 02:22:31 PM »
In 1986, DJ Glaze and MNMsta created a DJ group called "Perfection" and recruited members from their high school. The next three years "Perfection" as a DJ group rocked many school dances and backyard boogies. By 1989, Perfection recruited close to a dozen members. Towards the end of Perfection's senior year, the group decided they wanted to produce their own rap record. Travvy Trav, T-Dubb's older brother, went on a search for the dopest MC in Long Beach. Back then, it was a dude named Domino. Perfection recruited Domino and pitched in on the purchase of a Roland 808 drum machine to start making demos with the intention of getting a record deal. Dozens of songs were cut and members Tender D and Mellow D (now known as The Twinz) were brought into the group. After many
disappointments and some personality conflicts, Domino left the group.This sparked a collaboration with fellow eastsider Snoop Doggy Dogg called "'Let Em Understand Perfection" on a compilation album called "Please Pass The Mic" which was a diss track aimed at Domino for leaving. This explains the line by Snoop in Dr. Dre's Nuthin But a G Thang, "Perfection is perfected, so I let em understand." In 1991, Perfection met Big Wes and Suge Knight who at the time were bodyguards for New Edition. Big Wes had his own label and took an interest in the group. After a few months, the name Perfection was dropped and Foesum was born. The group consisted of T-Dubb, Wayniac, MNMsta, and DJ Glaze. Foesum recorded an entire album at Solar Records, home of legendary groups like Lakeside, the Whispers, and Babyface. After seeing little possibility of retaining a record deal, Foesum moved on. In 1992 member Wayniac was approached by Warren G who needed help writing his album "Regulate." Eventually, Wayniac would team up with his brother Trip Locc to be known to the world as "The Twinz" signing their own record deal on Def Jam Records. In the meantime, this left Glaze, MNMsta, and T-Dubb left to be Foesum. They decided to keep the name and make Travvy Trav (who passed away from a heart problem during the struggle) the fourth member. Finally in 1994, Foesum hooked up with Tony G and Julio G of the original 1580 AM KDAY Mixmasters. Ruthless Records CEO, Eazy E gave Julio G the opportunity to co-host a radio show on LA's 92.3 The Beat called "The Ruthless Radio Show." In just a few weeks and with the help of Tony G, Foesum recorded the songs "Lil Somethin' Somethin' " and "Listen To The Sound." It caught the ear of Eazy E along with Big Beat/Atlantic and Tommy Boy Records. Foesum signed a deal with Atlantic Records in January of 1995. The first single 'Lil Somethin' Somethin' was released in the summer of 1995 on Big Beat/Atlantic Records and got major play on radio stations everywhere. The album 'Perfection' was released on Penalty Records/Tommy Boy in the fall of 1996. Since then Foesum has been working on new albums to release on their own independent label called The Perfection Label.


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Re: (Old) Info About Foesum
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"it occured to us its obsured to us, when you say westcoast then refer to us, if not we'll have to get murderous, so act like u motherfuckas heard of us. "


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Re: (Old) Info About Foesum
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foesum way underrated


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Re: (Old) Info About Foesum
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they havnt done anythin new in a minute.
foesum need to come out with another album all produced by dj glaze and tony g.
the dj glaze & tony g collabo on the beats from the first 2 albums was dope as fukk. they made some classic gfunk beats.