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Highly Subliminal verse..'Nah they don't feel you'
« on: December 03, 2001, 09:48:14 AM »
Living in the world today take's everything you got/
Lord take me away from all my worries like crack rock/
Mix it up we got a society vexed on drugs and sex/
Known as the underworld, underclass, finishing last/
But leave it up to Infinite to pass judgement/
On the upperclass of Omnipotent Administrators/
Generation of men, who might as well be celibate/
Because the ultrafemminete women they cling to/
Or rather worship, dream of forfieting everything/
To grasp their legs around an Ultramasuline/
Feeling that's the path to orgasm and raw passion/
And fusion like Jazebel and the menial from that movie/
The Green Mile, sex between them is as forbiden/
as eating apples was in the garden of eden/
We live in a society biult on capitalism and classism/
The divided States of the U.S. flooded with injustice/
One class of people controlling the head, administrative/
Lower paradigms holding down the groundwork/
The property owners source of brute force/
The omnipotent aministrative people positioned
at the head of soceity secretely want the bodies/
of the blue coller lower class citizens/
So they can more properly please their women/
and improve upon their disfunctional masculine images/
which causes them to be extremely self-conscious/
To counter this detrimental reaction, women of
their faction must be ultrafeminete anti-masculine/
But now they can't please their men, so what before then?/
The message I speak is unique in it's support of Marxism/
Socialism and all things rebelious against classism/
Because division amongst the people, society un-equal/
Makes us view ourselves as halves rather than full
individuals and unitary cells and that spells hell/
I'll let you know a little secret, what's beneath it/
I seek to see myself fit as the millenium progresses/
All these deceptions my only solution is to seek restitution/
So for the time being I'm seeking to leave seeds
in the Earths of the world and telling Jezebels to go to hell!

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