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CREDITS: Teriyaki Boyz - Serious Japanese
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Teriyaki Boyz
Serious Japanese
Star Trak Entertainment, 2009

1. Please Come Intro!
Produced by Adrock

2. Work That! (featuring Pharrell & Chris Brown)
Produced by The Neptunes

3. After 5 (A.M.) (featuring Mademoiselle Yulia)
Produced by Towa Tei

4. Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious)
Produced by The Neptunes

5. Sweet Girl (featuring Dondria)
Produced by Jermaine Dupri

6. Teriyaking (featuring Kanye West & Big Sean)
Produced by Kanye West

7. 5Th Element (featuring Cornelius)
Produced by Cornelius

8. Serious Japanese
Produced by Mark Ronson

9. Zock On! (featuring Pharrell & Busta Rhymes)
Produced by The Neptunes

10. (Can't) Bake That Fape (featuring TAKAGIKAN & Adrock)

11. Itsumo It's More
Produced by SUPA DAVE WEST

12. I Still Love H.E.R. (featuring Kanye West)
Produced by Kanye West

13. Get the Hell Outro
Produced by Adrock

14. Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) Remix (featuring Pharrell, Pusha-T)
Produced by The Neptunes