Author Topic: Life: frustration, confusion, taxes, tombstones  (Read 115 times)


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Life: frustration, confusion, taxes, tombstones
« on: November 20, 2001, 01:08:45 AM »
I disregard ya'll muthafucka's and pull your card as if I was God/
But I'm not a 5 percenter, no man can be god, only a prophet or sinner/
Call me forgetfull because I overlooked every last one of you homo sapiens/
Homo erectus' check this, ya'll come off as fruity ass faggots fuckin maggots/
Like the larva's of fly's but I'm too fly, word the fuck up I'm Infinite wich means I never die/
Understand that life and death are plainly seen by me like day and night/

I'm iller than a muthafuckin catipillar, when I die I fall deep into a coma wich is my cacoon or tomb/
And rise like Jesus Christ I fly away, so never speak of those as dead just merely passed away/
But if you pass my way, as in cross my path, believe my mental mathematics accept all challenges/
I'm upset with bitches these days, I hope they suffer more than the womens sufferage/
the right to vote, rock the fuckin boat like Aliyah, I'm speakin to Maya Angelou/
Askin why things are the way they seem to be, what's real seems to decieve me/
She leans over and speaks to me through her poetry that she was writing while traveling Ghana/
Over in Africa, and supporting movements of 1960's black people and white alike/
I read that poem where you said men made you cry so you began to just watch them walk by/
Well we are still walking, wandering aimlessly, looking for a women to fill our life's with peace/
But it seems that we are a heavily divided in strife, the world would rather pass you by/
Then see what it is that makes you cry, right Pac? yo, you said it best/
How could someone so blessed die over East West Beef?/
Life is all too confusing to me/
All taxes and tombstones like Rass Kass said/
But still I hold me head, and hope that it all works out in the end/