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Raptalk.Net returns today with part two, the final part in our B-Real interview series. Part one saw B-Real go into extreme detail and dish out the specifics on his upcoming debut solo album, "Smoke N' Mirrors" which is ofcourse dropping on February the 24th.

In this part of the interview, the topic of discussion is strictly for the Cypress Hill heads. B-Real opens up to Raptalk.Net on the upcoming Cypress Hill album talking about how deep the crew is into the project at this time.

Information regarding what production may appear on the album is definitely some juicy information -- read this answer in the interview and your jaw will drop as you see the production lineup the album is likely to contain. B-Real also talks about what direction the group may go in as far as what label will be distributing the project.

Everybody knows Cypress Hill has a legendary catalog of music; this is where B-Real talks about what his favorite Cypress Hill album is and even gives us the details on what happened with the specific album he discusses and how the label/management politics effected the group at the time.

B-Real was even nice enough to share a personal memory he holds closely to him from the "Black Sunday" recording sessions. This answer comes in true Cypress Hill fashion, so read the interview and paint the picture yourself!


Read Full Interview Here:
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Nice interview Luna. Only 2 more weeks till the album drops. Also hyped to hear how the new Cypress album turns out.


Nice interview Luna. Only 2 more weeks till the album drops. Also hyped to hear how the new Cypress album turns out.


hell ya ima pick both albums up...nice read..


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cant wait to see the fire video. wonder how the snoop collabo will turn out
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