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CREDITS: Deep Rooted - D.E.E.P.R.O.O.T.E.D.
« on: February 12, 2009, 03:29:38 PM »
Deep Rooted
Clear Label Record, 2009

1.   Soul Vibe
Produced by Moka Only

2.   D.E.E.P.R.O.O.T.E.D.
Produced by Moka Only

3.   Crazy!
Produced by G Rocka

4.   From The Heart (feat. Blu)
Produced by Mr. Brady

5.   Rock The Hardest
Produced by Mr. Brady

6.   Round and Round
Produced by Kas One

7.   Squeeze
Produced by Mr. Brady

8.   Billy Jean Theme
Produced by Mr. Brady

9.   Fade
Produced by DJ Artistic

10.   Closer
Produced by Exile

11.   Do It
Produced by Kas One

12.   XL (feat. Killah Priest & Sha Dula)
Produced by Mr. Brady

13.   That That
Produced by Kas One

14.   Sunshine
Produced by DJ Aristic

15.   The End (feat. Sha Dula)
Produced by Rhettmatic


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Re: CREDITS: Deep Rooted - D.E.E.P.R.O.O.T.E.D.
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Sha Dula is definitely on Sunshine and The End, but I dont think thats him on XL.  Any idea who's on XL, besides Priest?

confirmed on accesshiphop: