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Re: Don't blame me I voted for Ron Paul
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I've noticed M Dogg presents long winded ideas that seem verbatim with CNN programming jargon. If it works for him though, more power I guess.

I don't watch CNN actually. I watch MSNBC to watch Keith Olbermann, other than that, there's Lakers basketball to follow.  8)

He wasn't on the ballot, so which world do you live, obviously not reality.

I've told you before, and I'll tell you again.  Turn off your television.

As soon as you get off the garbage tabloid conspiracy sights.

Haha soak up that matrix doctrine sunny watching the "liberal media" is the same as some redneck watching fox news and believing all that bullshit.  You are very caught up in their shenanigans, and constantly fall into the trap.  I strongly urge you to do some research on who owns the mainstream media.  I hope for your sake that you eventually realize that you are supporting corruption, racism, hate, and simply negativity by feeding your brain w/ that crap.

Do you believe 9/11 was an inside job or no?


So why do you keep going back to those media sources who are a part of the masquerade to cover up those atrocities from the public?  Doesn't that make you doubt their credibility regardless if it's CNN or Fox?

And for the record, Obama is showing that he may not be under the control of The Illuminati as I believe they are openly threatening him left and right already.  You know, the same Illuminati that runs the mainstream media that you get your info from.  Do you see the fallacy yet?  There are nuggets of info that are useful from the MM, but again, their motives are that of the Illuminati agenda which supports global enslavement, hate, racism, negativity in all forms, all about me me me, fuck everyone else in the world. 

Since we're on a hip hop board, think about the Makaveli album: The Don KILLuminati.  Pac wanted to take them down.  At the time of his death, there wasn't a bigger, more influential hip hop artist at the time.  He had tons of power and they weren't about to let him lead any sort of consciousness movement so they took his ass out.  And before you shoot that down as wacky conspiracy, just remember 9/11 and how sick these people are.  You're from LA right?  I'm guessing I don't need to tell you anything regarding corruption in the LAPD...You think Las Vegas PD is on the up and up in SIN CITY??? 

Anyway, i'm venturing away from the topic, but you are fueling that fire by supporting that corrupt media.  You really ought to research which Presidents are ranking members in the Masons and Illuminati.  There have been quite a few including guys like FDR and Ronald Reagan, they are GOP and Democrat, it doesn't matter.  That's why I get heated when you talk about how conservatives don't do this, and Dems do this...the reality is there is no difference, it is a masquerade to pit people against one another, but these people are almost completely in collusion with each other. 

There are good people that are in congress, however the higher up you go, the differences in philosophy is very blurred.  It all goes back to self serving interests of power and global enslavement.  Like I said, for your own good, at least research who owns the mainstream media and you'll discover a lot of sickening realities.

Having said all that, I believe the Illuminati is actually losing power and will not be successful with their goals.  And if Obama truly is not doing their bidding and they begin getting exposed, there is a very real chance he will get popped JFK style.  I hope to God that doesn't happen, but I think if it did it would bring even more to light in the aftermath. 

In his short time in office, Obama has def hit the ground running, and if he continues to follow through on his word then I will support him.  Unfortunately, because of the massive corruption, we are forced to apply the "guilty until proven innocent" philosophy to him. 



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Re: Don't blame me I voted for Ron Paul
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I am really confused, how can you agree that there is at very least, conscious complicity between segments of the american government in a) allowing September 11 to happen or b) being the drivers of the operation and yet support the war on terrorism? the war on terrorism was created off the back off this event, in reality real terrorism was very much a small scale event but this was the seismic event which shook the world and so horrified the onlookers both those present and those watching worldwide, that they demanded action. As for Obama not being a part of things, if he was to perform a u turn he would get popped but since he is not doing so (at least at this moment in time) then whether you consider him to be a good person or not, he is still doing the bidding of people like Gary Hart, David Rockefeller, the IMF etc.

Let's put aside bs right wing or left wing for a second, m dogg does it not trouble you in the least that his administration is packed with crooks? and if you don't believe Obama is a crook, well surely that only underlines the point that he has very little real control and that as always it's the lobbyists who are the real machine within the machine? Also since you are a big man of Keith Olbermann how do you reconcile Olbermann's documentation of how the FISA bill is of paramount importance to the safety of americans, to that of Obama switching and saying he will support the FISA bill? If you are a student pf history then come on man, you should see the parallels between what has been unfolding for a long time in america, with what happened in Russia, what happened in Germany under the Nazis and then under the guise of East Germany? I don't pretend to be some kind of an expert on history, lord knows there are so many facets to it but I have read a lot.

You see this is the problem with how you and some others perceive things, you seem to think that he can not change the course of policy in one fell swoop because he will be extremely vulnerable and he only anger those who do have real power. So what you are essentially saying is that a change of direction for the better can only occur incrementally but if that's the case, then you have failed to appreciate that the social engineers, the think tanks, the lobbyists, they are masters of that game. Therefore there is no way that anyone can subtly perform a series of incremental moves away from their agenda without them being able to read the game in advance and take decisive measures to avert that play. I don't necessarily think they have to go to the trouble of assassinating him in order to achieve that, instead they could orchestrate a character assassination instead which if anything would be more effective.

It was you amigo who posted that short youtube video which contained a quote from Carol Quigley at the end of it which was almost joyously talking about the need to control both sides of the fence (left and right). So they can turn on any given leader whenever they feel it's necessary to and by doing so they can repackage, re brand and promote the other side as the alternative avenue again.
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Re: Don't blame me I voted for Ron Paul
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There is a difference between conspiracy theorists and rational thinkers. Facts being presented from a number multiple sources and a conclusion based on this is rational thinking. It is fucked up in this country that the media scrutinizes anybody that does research for themselves to find out a more rational view than the "official" story. The media calls them kooks, nuts etc. The globalist agenda is not a conspiracy theory nor do they try to hide it.  People don't realize it is not black and white.