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This is a BRAND NEW, Yes I repeat, BRAND NEW, BIG DADDY KANE Rap Throwback jersey...Rap Throwbacks only made few of these collectible jerseys....its a limited collectors edition..........I wore this only 3 times, and it is BRAND NEW, it STILL hase the FRESH smell to it.

Condition is 9.99/10. The only reason its not a 10/10 is because its missing the tags.


SHIPPING : $15 standard shipping fees. Will ship to US/CANADA/UK/EUROPE






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We white colonists wish to make a confession. We confess our
sins against the black people of Africa (and those of our
forefathers), which are outlined in detail below:-

1. We apologize for giving them doctors, new hospitals,
medical services that enabled them to survive plagues,
disasters and to multiply into uncountable numbers.

2. We apologize for teaching them to read and write the
English language and even for putting their own languages
down in writing for them. We even taught them mathematics
and built hundreds (if not thousands) of schools for them
even rebuilding and repairing same when they burnt them down
or vandalized them.

3. We apologize for building factories and shops, which gave
them work. We apologize for taking them into our houses to
work, giving them food and even paying them.

4. We apologize for building farms out of barren bush and
gardens from which we fed them .

5. We apologize for giving them clothes and shoes instead of
leaving them in the animal skins they wore before we found
them wandering aimlessly around the plains, mountains and
valleys not having evolved sufficiently to invent even the
wheel or written language.

6. We apologize for extracting minerals from below the earth,
minerals which had always been there but were unknown to the
local inhabitants. We apologize for paying them to work in
these mines.

7. We apologize for those among us who established charity
organizations to feed and clothe them while they themselves
never knew, or know now, the meaning of charity.

8. We apologize for building a network of roads all over the
country which they now use to give Africa one of the highest
road accident rates in the world.

9. We apologize for building huge dams which keep them
supplied with fresh water, even in times of drought.

10. We apologize for paying the lion's share of the countries
tax burden while spending the least upon ourselves.

11. We apologize for giving them modern construction
techniques which enabled them to move out of the mud & grass
structures which they copied from bird's nests.

For all these evil sins we most humbly beg forgiveness, and
if they will only accept our apologies, we will gladly take
back all of the above mentioned evil deeds and leave them
where and as we found them, in the first place.


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colder then penguin pussy and seal dick