Author Topic: Who will be buying Hood Star by Crooked I? (well, by Wide awake really)  (Read 1036 times)


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how much yall think crooked i/ wide awake album debut well sell? 8)

i think they need to push a single of for crooks debut it not fair more people need to hear this shitt best lyricysts on the westcoast  wide awake needs to push crooks debut hopefully they get a single and video because his debut looks to flop and it aint a good luck no. 8)

ill be buying this for sure and crook needs to get boss album out im fiending for that shit too

Im going with 50k from tommorow until the end of the year.  A lot of people aren't internet fiends like us and they haven't heard this stuff but they've heard of crooked i so this could be a hot word of mouth underground album that heats up with real hip hop fans over time.  I'm guessing outside of california, most best buys will be lucky to stock one maybe two copies.  There's not much of a market for real hip hop these days.  The last commercial real hip hop success that I can think of was Nas "stillmatic" going hard on the mic in a  true lyricist, non commercial format.  E-40's new album ("revenue retrievin day/night shift") is the best pure hip hop album i've heard in years in terms of an artist with a commercial appeal doing pure hip hop music.  Other than that, every other so-called lyricist has a few go-to club tracks and a couple party tracks with female hooks, and even that hasn't sold well in the past three years.  Even the original SHTTBG was rumored to have Ja Rule on there when he was hot and one of those tracks ("Fuck Tonite") ended up on Too Gangsta For Radio.

It's so hard to promote an album now not only because of bootlegging but because mtv vh1 bet don't hardly play any music and when they do it's very select tracks.  However, I think it's going to be a great release for the true fans who waited and waited and waited and even went through that period in 2001 where there was a release date set, so this is somewhat a moral victory for those fans.  It's also nice to have a piece of work by crook that we can point to that time period and we can throw it in the cd player and grasp the feeling over at the label during 2001 and have an idea of what they were working with.


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LOL @ 50K.This will be lucky to sell 2k from now until the end of the year and even that is a huge stretch.