Author Topic: Just Letting Out Some Emotions.... Again  (Read 98 times)

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Just Letting Out Some Emotions.... Again
« on: May 03, 2001, 12:24:50 AM »
I just found out today that I gotta move... it sucks because this house i live in is like my second brother. i'm 18 yrs old and I've lived here for 16 yrs. Today though some retail punk came in with some people and they said they wanted to buy it... and that they would... it sucks, this isn't just a roof, this is like my whole life from kindergarten to high school and now some people who just enter the house for their first time are going to claim it... damn they had a 17 yr. old kid too, he was a real punk, trying to make me mad. All I remember him asking his mom was "is there where I will sleep" and when he said this, he was pointing at my room. damn... it pisses me off, but since my family rents the place we have no choice, its in the lease, my life on my street is now deceased. I gotta move in a month and half... we found out today. Damn I'm going to miss this place. Why do i care so much.

For 16 years this was my turf
Now I'm eighteen yrs old and it has no worth
It's not mine...
It aint my own
You come in and claim my home
as if it was your throne
It's a simple thing to do
But it messes my dome
You took one look and now you think its ur own
Do you know what this means to me
This was my childhood playground for my family
And you don't care
It's all about the money
You need to beware
That this is mine buddy
When you came in with the grin on your face
like this is yours now, I wanted to smack out your taste
This is where I grew up dogg
my first footsteps are just memories yall
This is where i learned to ride my bike
wake up early in the morning just to try my trike
Now you think you can take it away
Legally yes, but truthfully no way
This place contains my family table
my families fables
This is my families stable
But you wont get my tv cable
You just go and grab my keys
Lock you doors and keep out my family
This aint right, what can I do
I can't picture your azz sleeping in my bedroom
That's my crib, my own little space
Where I chilled with bro and now its your own place
Fuck it, why can't it just be ours
It should but it aint and its just so hard
I guess that's how life has to be, this is my home
This is my legacy
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