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I'm Here And It's Over
« on: April 29, 2001, 05:39:04 PM »
it's the lyrical rapist/
you can't touch me with fake fists, i break wrists/
takin these mc's virginity subliminally/
criminally insane so you ain't feelin me/
i'm so sick the fuckin cure be coughin/
i'm so sick the fuckin cure be a coffin/
i'm so sick i can't explain how i get sick with this/
sicker than a bumpy puss filled clitoris/
AlerG is here so what the fukk you wanna do/
fuck you up like 20 sacks of marijuana do/
got you steppin while you sweatin like a sauna do/
go up and down on that ass like longitude/
my bad i go around you like latitude/
then bitch slap you on that ass like ya daddy do/
bitin at you like a dog with a rabid tooth/
have you crossed out like pladd in a latin crue/
now i got these individuals in critical/
that's the condition, what you spitten is pitiful/
not even vanilla ice wanna spit with you/
got d-12 lookin for you tryin to shit on you/
my mission, plain and simple grab the instrumental/
and tear it up like curb smilieys to ya dental/
fuckin wit me you get burned like calories/
just a warning from that dude named AlerG/

peace, y'all ain't got shit
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