Author Topic: "rhyme showin part 1" -post your creative shit  (Read 174 times)


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"rhyme showin part 1" -post your creative shit
« on: March 14, 2001, 09:00:14 AM »
all day i keep my shit creative/
inslasive/balasive left with no traces/
install faces and hatin in all differnet places/
so of course the hataz gonna hate this/
cause my shit comes out original/
play cool and pay full and challenge ya to a duel/
in the keystyle forum/
your raps are borum, naw i mean boring/
but this is fundimental like tying a shoestring/
you mean/truthly/u'd be/
willing to battle, could of fooled me/
cause my style is uncomparable/
i make ya hurt worse than slammin ya head on a kitchen table/
and theres nothin on my mind to disable/
this aint no fable, sms the label/
and yeah i wanna be famous/
ill name it/
the traces or my tracivity and divity/
so lets get down the elimity/
full force colimity/
hittin me/
yeah this is the definition of creativity..

rate me
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Re: "rhyme showin part 1" -post your creative shit
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2001, 12:37:43 PM »
Well, it's NIK back in ya face/
Breakin ya back/
Puttin ya back, back in a brace/
I'm back now/
Bodyslammin pussy's like The Rock on Smackdown/
Ya'll betta' back down/
I'll hit you with a million lines/
At the same time while I spray my nine/
It's quite simple/
You just get beat like insturmentals/
When you see My homies rollin' doin Drive-bye's in limo's/
My whole team cary Heat like Alonzo Mournin/
Pussy, ready to eat like George Fourman/
My rhymes stay tight, yours stay borin'/
You stay on 0, while I keep scorin'/
Your bitch hates ya guts, me she's adorin'/
I'm only 13 but my heart is what I'm pourin'/
Minus the R it spells heat/
Ground you like cleet's/
There aint no beat/
You're just up for defeate/
with an acappella/
Through the computer I can smell ya/
You stink, taht's what I'ma tell ya/
This might be whack, but it's my first ever rhyme/
And it might be tight, cuz I used my mind/
Now it's time for me to go/
I'm 13 ridin' solo/
You feelin this shit? Reply yes or no/
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Re: "rhyme showin part 1" -post your creative shit
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2001, 05:16:42 PM »
Like Rakim, I ain't no joke
I just watch you snort coke
Them laugh at the way you choke
Can't believe your additiced to dope
Muthaphukka put on your coat
'Cause we about to go on a dangeruos ride
I ain't Deion, but I play in prime time
Dunking on you, like Jordan on NBA Live
How can you diss me, when you ain't even dropped a rhyme
I'll go right through, like the riots did to 1time
So please, just just drop a line
Muthaphukka, I'll go gangsta like the year was 1995
Or say a speech like the Martin of 1965
"cause I drop shit tight like a glove
My style is so creative, Peoples better show me love
I switch shit so weird, it's like Puffy throwing a dub
Or Daz Dillinger showing that N.Y. love
And to quote Rakim, I hold the microphone like a grudge
This old school shit gots you getting up
So stop playing
And complaining
'Cause when I drop shit, you gets hyped
It makes you, want to fight
And bob your heads, saying my shits tight
'Cause lyrically no one can play me
Or even fade me
The Rhyme Dropper tried but he couldn't read
The shit that says I run the industry
And now that I got shit correct
I ready to tear up the set
I force you to watch kids say "are we there yet?"
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