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'Lyrical murder focused'
« on: March 22, 2001, 08:04:37 PM »
Yo here's another verse, just a bored 2 minute keystyle for y'all. Seems like y'all decided to sleep on my verse post, man just holla back with your opinions. And yeah this is a real freestyle yo, honest to god. Peace.

ProPheCy 'THe LyRiCaL MeRCaNaRy' a.k.a. MC LiQuiD
My magnum opus is lyrical murder focused//
ProPh DEAD notions niggaz' from BK don’t rock ferocious//
I'm jokeless,trusting my instincts, FUCK emotions!//
Empty the clip in herbs,tell their stunned homie ”hold this”//
Island of dopnesss, in mediocrity oceans, from bitches getting the pussy
But more important..DEVOTION//
The chosen.. foes froze soon as me and them tangle//
I’ll strangle you with the halo I snatched from the guardian angel!//
Then maim you,complaining ya shredded anal is painin’ you//
Snipers blowing the brains out you and ANY that came with you//
Game is true,out for the fame,same as you//
Thugs run a train on that lame dame that you clame ya boo//
Stain ya crew,crack brews porter or stout//
Like them gay Prince pants, bitch nigga, I’ll wear that ass out!//
Blast then out, ProPheCy smash in bouts//
Redrum spash from gash when shanks juggler slash//
I blast//
Bitches who lust for me//
Stab and bust for me, like suitcases left at airports.. none wanna fuck with me//
Punks who duck from me//
Whisper, “ he missed me..luckily”//
Months later they found struck with skulls crushed and busted knees//
Adjust the heat//
ProPheCy nuts sucked when sleep//
Omar Epps broad be hollerin out,"P. you “in too Deep!”//
Nigga ya surface hard,what’s week is what’s underneath//
Glocks with red dots cocked be charbroiling beef, fools peep//
Afermath of wrath?A gunblast, the words”whack” and “LiQuiD”
Like “white girl” and “round ass”!// (No racism intended, just fucking around)
Surround fast, smash punks my thesis//
Crush foes,while ProPh go unmarked..Like cops caprices//

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Re: 'Lyrical murder focused'
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2001, 02:24:20 PM »
'thesis,,,,,,da prophet go unmarked like cops caprices'
cool,,,,,feedback,,,,very good,,although i didnt get the flow of a few lines,,,but it dont have to =rhyme,,anyway u cant really get the whole flow unless u hear it,,some
things u jus cant do on this column,,
large vocab,,thats good,,,,mine is somewhat limited,,on here we jus post poetry,,its a whole different thing performing the lyrics,,,
very nice
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dont make me pop a slug in this bitch
u fuckin with some dirty south affiliates