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Daniel Hannan MEP slams Gordon Brown
« on: March 27, 2009, 11:42:07 AM »
surprised nobody has posted this up yet. americans are all over this more than the UK press (surprise surprise) and its damn good. this dude takes the perfect oppurtunity to slam gordon brown in the european parliament. shit went viral instantly while the 'old media' ignored it initially, which is telling. americans were far more interested it in than the uk press and understandably hannan sees american press as far more progressive than our shitty bbc and the likes. look how many hits its got so far...

on cavuto

he also supports ron paul, says you can't spend your way out of debt (obviously) with and slams keynes. good shit :laugh: this dude should be leader of the conservative party and become our PM!


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Re: Daniel Hannan MEP slams Gordon Brown
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I gotta research more into this guy although

You do though have to tread carefully, he was appointed to be an MEP by the conservative party if I am not mistaken and thus it is the conservatives who have pushed us so far down this road in the first place. It is the conservatives that have this orwelian slogan of in europe but not by europe but as any political commentator will tell you the roots of the european union organically grow and with it comes a consolidation of power within the european union. So although I can't disagree with anything he has said here, you have to question the why? the why would indicate because the conservatives want to get back in power and so labour must be seen as the problem and then of course the show goes on.

It's safe to assume that the media in this country is just as controlled as those newspaper editors who belong to the CFR and therefore the reason for this offensive attack really boils down to the fact that public opinion is now against labour, it is now time for a new face, and with it "new change". To quote Mobb Deep "you talk a good one but you don't really want it"

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Re: Daniel Hannan MEP slams Gordon Brown
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i agree and i've been blogging on this dudes vids for uk citizens not to be duped into voting conservative. he certainly isn't representative of mainline convervatism and what david cameron will bring to the table.

but its really refreshing to see someone from the uk opposing big government, government intervention and advocating free market, austrian economic principles as the real solution to the 'credit crunch'. the fact the uk media didn't want to touch it when they are all up for slamming labour these days is pretty telling.


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Re: Daniel Hannan MEP slams Gordon Brown
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Yeah I saw this.  I'm admittedly ignorant when it comes to the political parties in Britain, so I can't speak on this too much.  I guess I will say he said a lot of really true things, whether or not he himself was complicit in those same things I don't know.