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CREDITS: Tha Advocate - Barmageddon
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Tha Advocate
(official mixtape)

1. DJ Bedtyme -Victory Intro

2. Soldya Muzik (Lie Detector)
Produced by Krytaku Aklaimd Productions

3. Extra Clipz (feat. Shawn Blayze)
Produced by Otitis Beats

4. What U Wanna Do (Substance 2)

5. 9678 (feat. J. D. Artist & Jeff Burna)
Produced by Chris Rhythm

6. DJ Bedtyme Interlude 1

7. Trading Places
Produced by Sean Divine

8. 300 Freestyle

9. Picture Perfect
Produced by Sinema Beats

10. The N. E. W. Part 1 (feat. Mason Payne, Kareless, Geolani & Shawn Blayze)
Produced by Tha Advocate

11. Mic Check 9.5 / Ballerstatus Freestyle

12. Tha Advocate On The Dre Parker Show Interlude

13. Get Off My Back
Produced by Rawbeatz

14. The N. E. W. Part 2 (feat. Sic O, Syrus, Killa Crook, J.D. Artist, Sketch Architec, Blade Malice & Roscoe Da Balla)
Produced by Tha Advocate

15. Just Wanna Know Remix (with Taio Cruz)

16. Better Then Me
Produced by Heavy Weight Productions

17. Fatality (feat. Jeff Burna)
Produced by DanDyce

18. The Cure
Produced by Heavy Weight Productions

19. Jackin 4 Beats 3 Freestyle

20. Ken Kaos FakU Radio Skit

21. Puppet Master
Produced by Sinema Beats

22. Yuma
Produced by DanDyce

23. DJ Bedtyme Outro

Bonus Tracks:
24. Real Talk Freestyle (with Blayze)

25. Love of The Game (Big Gib feat. Tha Advocate)

26. Game Theory (Theory Diss Instruction07)