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All I can say to you guys is "we'll see".  Obama HAS been threatened numerous times already by the Illuminati (which has controlled the "left" for hundreds of years).  The Rothschilds, who are at the top of the Illuminati fought vigorously to get Hillary elected.  When she didn't get it, Lady de Rothschild endorsed McCain! (even though he is the rival NWO annointed one - the Illuminati would have rather had McCain than Obama).

Do you guys think Obama could completely destroy and rebuild all of his staff and be successful?  No way in hell. 

The 2 women that were on the Buffalo flight were VERY important politically.  One was a 9/11 widow that has been present in Washington for years, and was responsible for forcing congress into investigation of that day.  She had just met w/ Obama at the white house like a week prior to that plane crash.  She had been pushing for a new investigation, and Obama was open to re-examining the details.  Think I'm bullshittin?  Remember, these types of people were behind 9/11 and many wars.  They do not care at all about killing innocent people if it means they can take out someone who they perceive as a threat.

I know you guys have to know about HAARP and understand that it is absolutely nothing for them to seed clouds into the sky and cause a plane crash.   

The other lady was a political activist, and an expert of some sort (I can't recall, but I can look it up if anyone wants me to) that had been subpoened numerous times in court.  She had been banned from Darfur for political views and such.  (You'll have to forgive me for not knowing more details off top, I've smoked and drank a lot over the last couple months, lol.  But I can look up all the details if anyone cares.)



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Re: Obama
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all u gotta do is watch the obama deception which can be seen on youtube

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Re: Obama
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rothschilds or rockefellers - whos more evil
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